Anyone else having a 4 week delay?

Anyone else having a 4 week wait? There was a glitch with my order on 3/26, $180 payment received order not processed. I waited 2 weeks and contacted MB, he said order sent. The order sent was a different order for $60 to get me through, received. I contacted MB again for shipping confirmation because of no tracking. MB said it was sent on 4/14. Again, that order was a different order for $100 placed on 4/13, received. I believe there is some miscommunication regarding my $180 order. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks, with no tracking yet. I ordered some wax and flower. I feel helpless right now, soon to be dry. I cant even remember which shipper. Anyone else have a delay this long before? Do I wait another 2 weeks to contact. Very anxious here!


  • I'm missing and in pre ship from an order placed on 4/13. I didn't wait to contact Med and complain. Any orders placed now will take weeks because of the 420 sale. I will be out in a week. A 4 week wait you experienced is totally pathetic. They asked for help with more customers, well you AIN'T goin to get it with service like this. Been buying from here 7 or 8 years, nothing lasts forever. Legal weed in Delaware as of tomorrow but it will be a 1 1/2 years before you can buy it. Will need to drive to Jersey for over priced cannabis.

  • Yeah antfuzz, they always have delivered, but never this long or this many glitches. $180 is a lot of money. Wifie is not happy. I'm trusting the process. I know they have to verify. Thanks for listening to my rant.

  • I had maybe 2-3 issues in 4 years. Always delivered and more than agreed. Ymmv.

  • This is longest I've had one take in quite a while but least know it's in route now so sooner or later good luck to everyone

  • Longest wait was 3 weeks for me one time. Shipper forgot to ship my order and emailed Medboy about it and got my order a week later. That was several years ago. Only real problem I never had was a package that said it was delivered but never got it. Emailed med man and her said it arrived at the address listed. My wife went up to the post office that day to see where the package ended up and their records indicated it was also delivered in my mail box. That happened probably around my 6th or so order from this site many years ago. Med man did his part so I didn't blame him but was out $230.00 or so. That stung but I stayed with this great company and besides a few hiccups through the years. This site has been very dependable with my orders. As most say on here, Med man will make it right. Just sucks when your getting low and and are awaiting for that package.

  • Thanks for the support, all I can do is keep ordering more and stress for the best. 4 weeks of anxiety followed by detox then depression! Gonna be a good week.

  • That sucks best of luck to everyone, still waiting on one from the 4th got reshipped and w
    Supposed to touched down Fri or sat bout hadn't made it yet and now got one from loud and Merl each from 20th praying for smoother reception

  • @Castrolina We have an email correspondence from 4/13 about this. I manually processed the order on 4/16. You should receive it any day now.

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