Still waiting on label

I ordered last Thursday and still no label:( and I'm completely out anyone else still waiting on a label?


  • I'm 1/2- probably will be resolved by tonight/tomorrow morning

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    @Zackarrry who'd you order from and was it a big order? Just ordered an ounce and some pods from happy trees on 420 and its out for delivery today. @HappyTrees hasn't let me down yet.

  • Yeah, still waiting for Merlins label but HT is out for delivery.

  • Hey guys, 4/20 orders will be getting to the post office today. It was a huge order and we're doing our best to get it out. We didn't get it to us until Friday, later than usual due to all the processing and don't work weekends.

  • Finally got my loud from 4th that had to be reshipped and reship showed fairly quickly and items are very pretty and very nice effect wise from tiny sample tried earlier in day bout to really test both little further

  • @MerlinsMagic thanks for the update!! I figured it was something like that. You guys have the largest selection of everything sold so I can see how you guys probably got blasted with orders on 420. I appreciate everything you do! Just saw my order pop up on informed delivery this morning!

  • My label for marlins magic popped up yesterday still awaiting item. At least showing some progress 😀

  • Nice @Zackarrry! I hope you get ur stuff quickly. Me, well, still waiting for a shipping label.

  • Thought it'd be at least in the mail idk these shipping times are crazy

  • Still waiting on 3 labels…. From the 420 sale.

  • I'm waiting on a label from happy trees from the 23unless I.D. is being crazy which it's known to do

  • my 4/20 have been processed now. My daily email didn’t show up however when I signed in and looked they showed up. 🐝💤

  • I was one who converted the bitcoin and Medboy told me it would not get processed until Friday so no telling how long it will be if there just getting to the 420 orders shipped.

  • Everything should be on the way!

  • Maybe I won’t get a shipping label this time @MerlinsMagic? This has happened to me before where a previous order showed up unannounced but…wish I had the piece of mind that this 420 purchase is on the way 🤔. Not too worried as every order I’ve made here has delivered 👍.

  • There were a handful of orders that had processing issues with the bitcoin and are being done today. Maybe it was one of these? Never fear we will make it right, but bummy for sure about potential delays.

  • @Jaybird922 If you converted yourself and paid an INF order please email me. A lot of customers did that and we are not notified when INF orders are paid so they don';t process. The only way paid INF orders will be processed is if the customer emails me.

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