Merlins magics

Hey guys ordered on 420 still no label. Just wondering whats up @MerlinsMagic


  • @Zackarrry sounds like I am in a similar situation. Ordered on 420 but still waiting for payment confirmation. My bitcoin went to somebody over there…🤨. Hope you get a label soon!

  • Labels aren't going to be lightning speed for 4/20, we get hundreds of orders and we have normal business hours.

  • @Jaybird922 If you got an INF and converted yourself and paid, please email me because your order will not process.

  • Hi Medboy, yes, been emailing with you so I think I’m good…I’ll look out for the label.

  • Hey guys, 4/20 orders will be getting to the post office today. It was a huge order and we're doing our best to get it out.

  • Medboy, I just emailed you again because I still don’t see a shipping label for my 420 Order.

  • @MerlinsMagic Wondering if you can give a heads up when all 420 sale orders have shipped. Might end the "no shipping label confusion". Then I can email Medboy if I have not received a label created spot on my informed delivery app. Thank you.

  • All 4/20 orders got to the post by 4/25.

    There are a couple that had payment issues straggling in which we are taking care of, but the vast majority are enroute!

  • Thanks for the update. Guess I am one of those straggler orders. Emailed Medboy, just being patient now.

  • If you converted BTC yourself and paid an INF order and did not get an email from me confirmed your order processed, then email me. If this isn't the case then your order processed. You cannot rely on Informed Delivery. There have been so many issues with it lately. Customers reporting no labels or labels sitting on pre shipment until the package gets to their door. When I receive emails about "No Shipping label yet" all I can do is let you know if and which day your order processed.

  • @Jaybird922 sorry to hear it. Looks like Medboy said it best. Just gotta a be patient. Didn't realize how much of a mess the INF bitcoin thing is for them.

  • Got label created, so all good now.

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