Fruit Rollup, Happy Trees

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Fruit Rollup, HappyTrees

Picked up a zip. Bag appeal is pretty off the hook, decent sized nugz, some purple af and solid packed but still provide some friendly squish. Nose is absolutely fruity, no denying it, with a slight petrol finish. Taste is fruity as well, with a palpable dank tongue-coating upon exhale. (Bit of an ammonia hit in the nostrils- as often, adding a boveda to the jar for a week or so should help.) Two quick pulls on the showerhead and I’m right where I need to be, buzz so far feels really heavy on the eyelids and behind the eyes. Feeling pretty chill for a mid Monday, it’s couch vs. mow the lawn debate time 😆 So this one will likely become my zzzzzzzquil choice for end of the day kickdowns.

Swing rockets into far left field. It could go all the way. Gathering some tail winds to the fence line. And it’s outta the park! 🏟️⚾️ 🙌


  • Absolutely gorgeous buds! And that does sound exactly what I need after a long day. I really appreciate the pic & review!! The mailman is lagging today 🤣

  • Tbh this shit is kicking me in the ass. I know it’s a new cultivar for my brain chemistry, but 🫠

  • Glad you like it! We got this from a new grower and we where incredibly impressed with their bud. Hopefully everything works out and the next time we re-up we'll be able to buy a lot more.

  • So I was supposed to get this Monday but usps fumbled it around for a couple days & i finally got it today. Like your pic, just gorgeous fragrant buds. Definitely has more aromas when broken up, I just can't specify what I smell 🤣
    I just know it's fruity funky goodness. Definitely can be smoked anytime of the day but best after work. Nice head high, relaxed but not sedated. Great stuff!
    Thank you @HappyTrees! 😊

  • @ChunksEggo8187 yeah of the 4 I got it’s my favorite pick. I think the terps come up as fruity pebblish. An overall 10/10 from me.

    That strawberry cheesecake- smells just like berries topped with canned whipped cream to me. Another really nice one. No complaints with this year’s 4/20 drop whatsoever 👍👍

  • My split showed up today! Jumped right into the FR. (On a side note I really like your packaging now HT!) Buds are beautiful including the Runtz. Aromas on another level. I've had Tangie a few times but never straight skittlez. Awesome sativa hybrid effects..mind not too racey yet I'm sensing some body effects. Very nice! I think you've found an excellent grower.

  • @superman38NC The fruit roll up is definitely quality. Credit to the grower. I gravitate towards this strain due to aroma, taste, & effects.

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    @ChunksEggo8187 very happy with both! That Strawberry Cheesecake also sounds nice

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