More fryd carts

I heard the fryd carts are slamming they ran out before could get ahold of some anyone tried them yet?


  • Received mine today and very impressed! Mine came with qr code that validated. Inside box vape was sealed in nice packaging. I thought I read that someone filled these for HT. Nice job repackaging is all I can say. Regardless they hit hard just like everyone else mentioned. I got Banana Nerds and Peach Ringz. Tried both and I'm pleased. 2 g is nice for a disposable. Says liquid diamonds on the carts.

  • I put in a order Monday for some hoping to get this week

  • Yeah they're great, potent as hell and last almost 2 hours each good rip. Can feel a more sharp thc effect than normal, probably from the diamonds, on certain little parts of my lungs, different from pure distillate or pure live resin, very interesting.

    Banana nerds is sweet and sour with more energetic effects while cactus cooler is more mellow tasting and with a little more mellow but similar effects.

    Like this unique blend, probably why it sold out so fast @HappyTrees get some more vapes if yall can than just one kind/ brand at a time, yall keep selling out lol

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    We're getting more vapes from the person that makes them for us this weekend (hopefully).

  • They had live resin but they sold out before we could get them :/

  • anyone know if merlins live resin carts are good? Specifically the color carts..thx

  • Looks what’s back on the menu! I haven’t made a dent in mine from 4/20 but hopefully some of you guys can grab them while they’re available

  • The liquid diamonds hit hard and fast. Tapers off to a mellow vibe. Great flavors and no lung issues with these. My tolerance is high and one big rip does the job

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    We got twice as many as we did last time so we're hopping it'll stay in stock longer this time!

  • @HappyTrees hey guys I ordered 2 last time and you guys had to sub flower and a chocolate bar. Which is fine but I don't like edibles they really don't work to me I just got stuff I really didn't want. I just ordered 4 more from you guys and was hoping you'd split with all 4 flavors but really was disappointed with the subbed order because if I would've known I wasn't getting any vapes at all I would've waited until you guys got some besides getting subbed a bunch of stuff I didn't really want. But thanks guys your killing it hope you have a great weekend

  • @Zackarrry I remember that order. Sorry about that, we'll make sure you get everything you want this time.

  • @HappyTrees thanks figured I could get at least something for my trouble bc I did tell medboy if it wasn't going to have a value I didn't want anything else. If not no big deal. Thanks guys

  • @Zackarrry We emailed about the sub. You knew what you were being subbed with because you chose the strain you received yourself.

  • @medboy you also said that I would be getting one vape with my order and none came and I said if no vapes can come I'd like credit because I didn't want anything else no big deal everything is copestetic

  • @Zackarrry did you ever get to try the Fryd carts? Eyeballing these. Appreciate any input from anyone.

  • @HappyTrees are there gonna be any more fryd vapes in near future?

  • @Vapedad78 At some point. Our connection stopped selling vapes so we're looking for someone who is selling quality product right now. We're thinking about dipping our toes into making our own as well. We'll see. We'll have more eventually.

  • Thanks for response

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