420 Reviews

Still waiting on a few more deliveries but so far these are my thoughts.

Super Lemon Haze (HT), after a boveda treatment, is my new morning go to, with Lightning Jack (MM) coming in second by an RCH. Both get you going with little to no drag.

Strawberry Cheesecake (HT) tastes really good after a boveda treatment and an intense euphoria creeps up after a couple hits. I also mixed this with some Malibu Marsha (MM) and I’m really diggin it as a midday pick me up.

And finally The Truth OG (LC)…shits pretty fucking good…hits hard…and has an old school, kinda Dutchie flavor which I find refreshing from all the Berry and Garlic flavors popular right now.

Can’t wait to see what comes next and will update accordingly….but hey…what did y’all think?


  • That the truth sounded good almost went with that and carbonfiber or whatever was called but went ultra gp and trop juice still waiting hoping for surprise today

  • Received sharks breath and runzt crumbles and they are great quality would like to get some gdp

  • Received Merlin's Redbull Sugar Wax and it's excellent! The consistency is easy to handle, nice & moist, diamond-like chunks of goodness. Smell is light but a bit skunky. Taste is really nice - after a few tastes it totally reminds me of an old soda called Fresca. Kind of a bitter grapefruit citrus taste. The effect is very strong. Hit's really hard in the head quickly and after 2 dabs, I'm leaning back and looking at the ceiling, listening to incoherent TV and drifting off. Lastly, this sugar wax vapes up very clean and leaves a minor amount of light color oil to wipe up at the end. I'm very pleased with this 420 score from Merlin!

  • Got a bunch of stuff. Just tried Black Ice premium and it’s great. Frosty, slightly sticky nugs that are still a bit moist. Tastes great and got a heavy indica body buzz and long lasting head high from a small bowl. Looking forward to using this as a night cap strain for the next few months.

  • I had a funky day yesterday and the mimosa gave me a mid day burst of energy. Very tasty and pleasant terps. Excited to try more sativa Doms soon but rainy days kill me this time of year. Sativas tend to dry my eyes though.

  • The runtz and strawberry cheesecake is really nice from HT... The trop juice from Loud is also really nice probably my knew favorite for during the day and the freebie of blueberry they sent is awesome. I'm really satisfied with my 420 score 😁

  • Anybody try the Slurricane?

  • @medboy I still haven’t received my 420 order or seen labels on informed delivery yet. We never received a confirmation email like we usually do but our bitcoin transaction went through fine.

  • @ttlsr Informed Delivery has been wacky lately. However, we did have a few issues on 4/20, so shoot me an email and I'll check it out for you.

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