Happy trees Fruit Roll-up and Super Silver Haze

Restock please- didn't get to try any yet and they looked good. Love Skittles and tangie - like to also have a sativa in the split- seemed like a great pair. Lmk


  • I hear ya @MikeyC! Ordered Fruit Rollups on 4/28 (cuz of the hype) and they were still on the menu…now gone. Sure hope I was able to snag some and I put no substitutes. Hmmm 🤔.

  • Both Super Lemon Haze and Fruit Rollup is on menu. Maybe try refreshing. I just checked twice n they are both showing on menu. Super Silver Haze is supposed to be one of best saliva. Super Lemon Haze just has Lemon Skunk crossed.

  • Both are on menu. But not on order form. Then few items on are on order form n not on menu. Not sure wats up. My bad for wrong info. It's on menu but not order form. I was just attempting to order.

  • We are out of Fruit Roll Up and Super Lemon Haze. We did just get some Apple Fritter from the same people that grew our Fruit Roll Up, it should be up on the site in a few days. Definitely a strain worth checking out if you liked their other stuff.

  • Apple Fritter is up!

  • Gotta smoke em all! Med cin mon!

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