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Ordered the Sour D Colors live resin cart. Anyone had these before? Hoping they are 🔥 but not finding much info online other than these are a BM brand. @MerlinsMagic you guys tried these or have any input on them? Thx


  • Got this order today! Both carts exceeded my expectations. Flavors and effects on point. The downside of smoking is the apparently horrible breath that follows 🤪. Trying carts and concentrates to help curb that some. Ever since the vitamin e thing I’ve been real cautious to buy carts. I’ve had live resin carts from dispensaries and these are very comparable. Thx @MerlinsMagic for honoring my requested split.

  • @superman38NC I wanted to hear more of your thoughts on Merlin’s “Live Resin Colors” carts experience. I’m looking at the vape option mainly for discrete sessions. However, the last time trying a vape cart was years ago and quite honestly I didn’t get a similar high (weak at best) at all compared to straight up smoking flower out of my bong. Now, maybe the carts nowadays have improved but the “Colors” have me intrigued. Any information is appreciated! Also, the “Gold Mine” cart options look interesting too.

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    @Jaybird922 the colors carts are good imo. Rarely do I find carts that hit similar to flower anymore. These don’t provide the “entourage effect” I’m looking for but for something discreet these are worth buying. Plus my tolerance is crazy high right now. I got the Colors Sour D and MX Sherbert carts. The MX cart has better fresh flower flavor vs the colors cart but I like the colors Sour D effects better. Hope that helps!

  • @Jaybird922 I got 2 of them and they are great. They are live resin, much better than distillate in taste and effect, feels more whole than flower that a lot of people call "full spectrum effect", it's nice. Definitely would try em out. Merlin also has MX brand carts with sherbert, I prefer them slightly over the color carts, but that could have just been because of the strain / flavoring.

  • And…I’ve tried so many gummies and edibles in various dosages, it just isn’t as good as combusting flower to me. But bottom line, family vacation is coming and I need something quick, easy, and discrete but that will actually work for me as far as effects. It sounds like both the Colors and MX carts are comparable. Appreciate the knowledge sharing here!

  • Vapes are always going to be a different experience than flower...
    I prefer it because of diminished brain fog and energy levels...
    but they will never hit like flower and can feel light for someone who is used to the regular flower.

    Most carts are similar... 85-90% THC with added terpenes.
    I look for real plant based terpenes (flavors from the actual cannabis), not the lab made stuff which I don't like the taste of.
    I also look for zero additives other than the terpenes (the double distillation process removes them so they always need to be reintroduced in order to have any flavor)

    The vapes are comparable but Colors is a bigger name brand.

  • Thanks @MerlinsMagic for the info! I went with a split request between the Colors Banana Kush and Hulkberry for a trial run. It has been a couple years since I’ve vaped and I’m intrigued by this live resin. Ordered Monday but still no label yet 😕.

  • @Jaybird922 did you receive your items from merlin? Had label created on 6/15 nothing since, Monday was a holiday fingers crossed it lands this week. MM always delivers

  • @G4D2P0 I also had a merlin label created on 6/15 and no movement since then. Hoping that changes today after Monday's postal Holiday

  • @G4D2P0 maybe they have a system or the USPS only picks up on certain days cuz I can order at the same time with happy trees and get it in 3 days, merlin always a week almost exactly.

    Label should start moving in the next two days, if not contact medboy thru email on the site.

  • @fm_25 hopefully I'm just worried since I'll be moving houses at the end of the month, don't want new tenants to receive my items lol. 😂

    @TacticGuy thanks for responds im new to the forum but been buying since 18 i think 🤔 usually gets to my place in 4 days, was expecting it today. I'm sure gonna enjoy it when it gets here, ordered half chocolope and prerolls Skywalker og from @MerlinsMagic.

  • @G4D2P0…received the honored split. Thank you Merlin! Bottom line, these vapes do hit me harder than other vapes I’ve had. But, take that with a grain as it has been a couple years. Like Merlin indicated above, vapes just hit differently than combusting flower and I will always prefer the water bong, However, with these carts I can be discreet which is necessary when you cannot do normal sessions (ie- vacations or when you’re around haters or misunderstanders).

  • @Jaybird922 hell yeah those live resin from happy trees are the 💣. Haven't tried merlins yet pretty sure there also fire.

  • @G4D2P0 Hoping you get the shipment soon instead of the new tenants lol. That would be a pretty nice housewarming surprise for them though..

    If the package doesn't arrive 14 days after the order was placed, I'm guessing you could reach out to medboy and just have the replacement shipped to a different address. Hopefully it won't come to that and the goods arrive soon though!

  • There is nothing we can do about I.D not updating. The shippers don't make labels and then sit on packages for a week. All packages are sent out in a timely manner. Unfortunately, once shipments are sent out it is out of our hands and all we can do is wait like everyone else.

    @G4D2P0 If your moving soon and are nervous about it feel free to email me for tracking info. I don't mind reaching out to the shippers for early tracking when there are extenuating circumstances.

  • @fm_25 Lol yeah that would be crazy, i imagine the new tenants askin "who ordered the weed" lol 😂. Thanks for the positive vibes.

    @medboy yes I will be reaching out to you about those items just want peace of mind, Thank you for your patience and help.

  • @G4D2P0 Just let me know it's you in the email!

  • @medboy can confirm it was me from the email. Thank you for all the help. Feel worry free that the items should be here before I start moving. Appreciate it MM,MB.

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    Thank you @MerlinsMagic @medboy !!!
    @HappyTrees just waiting for your re-up on the live resin vapes, wife really liked it, weird cuz she don't even smoke lol. Appreciate the free sample and the stickers!

  • Everyone get themselves situated?

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