Strawberry Lemonade 😂

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This must be 🔥

"Strawberry Lemonade is a potent, sativa-dominant strain with an aroma as delicious as its name suggests. T Its effects start off with a focused head buzz that melts into physical relaxation. Strawberry Lemonade’s wide appeal has even earned it the title of Best Sativa Flower in the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup. Like all satica;s, it can grow a bit leggy, which reflects in the trim jub, but don't be fooled. This is a true sativa with delightful smells of very sweet citrus and fruity ecstasy."



  • If you're looking for a sativa, I'd probably lean towards the purple thai.

    "Novice users should beware, as this sativa psychedelic journey may be too much for newbies. The nugs peak with a beautiful deep purple tint enhanced by a light aroma. Earthy notes of citrus and coffee give it an almost mocha like taste. With a hard-hitting cerebral rush, this strain will take you through space and time. Swim in the vast blackness of night and jump from mountaintops into a sea of floating colors as you have a trip like none other. Enjoy this bud at any time of day as it gives you a jolt of energy before slipping you into your own giggly mind. This strain is meant to be used however it suits your creativity best, be it alone or with friends, in public or at home. Some say that Purple Thai is better than a cup of coffee, making it a great morning strain. Don't use if you're prone to anxiety."

    These strains really get me going. It is a completely different high than the usual indica and indica hybrids.

  • Ah the description is just looted from wikileaf, but it sure sounds great. I grabbed some purple thai, hopefully it lives up to those flowery words, but there's a reason its greenhouse and not indoor or premium. Will report back. The indoor super lemon haze from HT recently was/is a superb sativa as well. Highly recommended if it shows back up.

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    I have had outdoor, greenhouse and indoor that's as good as any premium, so I wouldn't assume that it's not as good.

  • Hey @superman38NC did you end up getting some Strawberry Lemonade? If so, definitely let us know how it is.
    I ended up getting a split of jet fuel Gelato & papaya punch.
    @Sixwaychili +1 for your comment. Exactly, really depends on the grower.

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    What's up! @ChunksEggo8187 I seriously thought about it but went for a split of Thin Mint and Purple Thai..I was more or less cracked up at the grammar with the description. That Jet Fuel looks 🔥. I recently picked up some Papaya Punch from another Dis..I think you'll like that one. Very sedative!

  • @superman38NC Nice split! Really thought about the purple Thai. It sounds amazing, so please let us know how good it is 😎
    Appreciate the info on Papaya Punch. Was definitely looking at it for an evening type of strain. And I've never tried jet fuel Gelato so I figured I'd give it a go.

  • @Sixwaychili I have too, but it has been rare. Usually there's something missing whether it be flavor/odor, density of the bud, potency of the high, sometimes it was harvested too early, etc. We shall see.

  • Couldn't lay off trying that Purple Thai as well since I missed the Lemon Thai Loud had a while back. Love the trippy sativas. Trying some of the Blackberry OG as well. Going for both ends of the spectrum I guess.

  • @bluedreamer nice choices! Hey I like both ends of the spectrum too. I picked Blackberry OG is my second choice for the split.

  • @superman38NC As they say, great minds think alike......

  • Purple Thai recd yesterday doesn't hit nothing like the lemon Thai did still have quite a bit of the lemon T stashed away saving it for my weekends smoke .

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    @tac I didn’t grab any of the lemon Thai. Sounds awesome! I have plenty SLH of my own (buds in my profile pic are just some of the harvest). I really enjoy citrus hazy strains in general. Is that Purple Thai decent?

  • Yea it gets you where you need to be

  • I got a good bit of the ounce of Full Moon still left. It's definitely a trippy sativa. My tolerance built up on it so I slowed down and rotated strains. I also have Pineapple OG from HT that is a decent sativa hybrid, but not trippy.

  • Got the purple thai. Flavor and odor are not the best and its pretty harsh but the look and high are good. Not psychedelic but good front and center sativa head buzz no body buzz at all.

  • @Ease appreciate the review & pic!!

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    @Ease also got the purple Thai..has a very old school aroma...very herbal to me. Haven’t smelled something like that in a while. Not mind blasting sativa like the description but very mild. Similar to Sweet Tooth. If you want mind blowing then get some Thin Mints. That’s premium imo

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