Solventless Hash rosin carts

I was just reading about these and they sound 🔥 af. Anyway we could get anything like these?? Or some live rosin period. I don't mind paying the extra for high quality items such as these. @medboy @HappyTrees @LoudnCo @MerlinsMagic


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    ^ would consider getting into concentrates if rosin is added, solventless hash rosin carts sound epic and I would buy the shit out of em. Surprised merlin and loud don't already stock rosin with their plethora of other concentrates, is it hard to find? Could be a good way to get some of those customers @HappyTrees 😉

  • @TacticGuy it's hard for me because I live In Alabama. Literally belt bucket of the Bible belt it seems lol just have to literally drive to somewhere thats recreational to be confident your getting what your told

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