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Okay so I first want to say to Medicineman and Medboy and all of the shippers, THANK YOU. You have no idea how much you help me and a lot of other people. Much respect. I just received an order today that I placed and paid for on 12/9/18. Everything arrived very nicely. I am a little interested in finding out what happened with the part of my order from Med Mama. I ordered 8g of the Live Resin Sampler. I requested it be split up with 4g of Lemon Tree, 2g of Big Sur Holy, and 2g of Diamonds (if possible). I let them know if they couldn't do the Diamonds for whatever reason, to sub with 2g of Black Widow. The Lemon Tree I ordered was subbed out with 4g of Big Sur Holy. I also received an additional 2g of Big Sur Holy, and I was subbed out Black Widow for the Diamonds. So I received 6g of Big Sur Holy and 2g of Black Widow in total. BUT the website still reflects, 8 days later, that Med Mama still has Diamonds AND Lemon Tree in stock. I have experienced similar issues in the past with Live Resin orders. I REALLY wanted to try the Diamonds AND the Lemon Tree. I have had black widow and big sur holy before. So if I made another order for just some Diamonds and/or Lemon Tree, would I get subbed out again? Or can there be someway that I can make sure they are in stock?


  • It would probably be subbed out again. We try to keep our website inventory as accurate as possible but it will not always reflect reality.

    If you are not good with substitutions, you should write "no substitutions" in the comments of your order. That's one of our rules.

  • Thanks for your response medboy. I am a little confused. You say that I will probably get subbed again but if I were to put "no substitutions" in the comments of my order, I would NOT get subbed. So can I go place an order for Diamonds right now and put "No substitutions" and be assured to get what I ordered? Why would I get subbed out to begin with if they still have it in stock?

  • I’ve had this problem before in the past also, I was subbed out for some trees that I ordered but yet I could go on the website and still place an order as it was still available to buy almost a month later ?? I questioned it and kind of got the same response no rhyme or reason I mean if it’s available on the site that long of a time after it’s supposedly out . And just curious if you put no substitution what is going to happen?? If you don’t have the product you don’t have the product are you gonna return the money? curious about that thanks .

  • I just experienced the same thing with my most recent order. I ordered the Tangie refill but received Acid Dream. Seems strange since Tangie seems to always be on the website.

    I'm more curious what happens if you do say no substitutions. If they don't get anymore inventory what happens?

  • Yes, this is a good question and I'm glad it's coming up!

    What happens if you order a product that's not currently in stock and you write "no substitutions" in the comments of your order is, we will hold your order for 24 hours while I write to you to ask your preference. Typically the shipper will offer suggestions of what you could receive instead. You can choose one of those if you like. If no suitable sub can be found, then I can issue you a credit or a refund instead.

  • Thank you medboy for getting back to us. That answered my question perfectly. I will keep this all in mind in the future. Hope the diamonds will come back soon! I really wanted to try those. Do you think they will come back in stock soon? Also, I see that the Lemon Tree Live resin has been removed but the Diamonds has not. Do you think they still have them in stock or got a new batch? Is there a way you can ask them for me medboy?

  • Thank you medboy, exactly what I wanted to know.

  • After Recently been subbed out of my original bear Creek OG order for banjo for no apparent reason? It would be nice from now on if the shipper cannot fill the order then a credit is issued back to the buyer. The shipper should get to choose what he sends me, he doesn’t know me, he doesn’t know what strains are good for me, he knows nothing about me. For me to place a $400 order and have somebody else decide what’s good for me is not fair to anyone. That’s my money and I should make the decision not them. I shouldn’t have to spend $400 for something that sits on my dresser because I don’t like it because I didn’t have a choice. We shouldn’t have to write no substitution, if the shipper can’t fill the order then a credit is issued back to us so we can choose what we want at that point whether it’s from the same shipper or another shipper . This practice has to stop, If you can’t fill my order and I’m not given a choice at that point to chose something else I will look elsewhere to buy , I can’t waste that kind of money. We are all different when it comes to different strains and different products and only us the buyer knows what works best for us individually. This has to change.

  • Sorry you're disappointed Flapples but this is why we have Rule 6. If you are not OK with strain substitutions, our rules require you to write "no substitutions" in the comments of your order. Every order, every time!

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