Med Mama Distillates

Anyone have any feedback on the Med Mama distillate syringes? They all sound amazing. I would pay extra to pick 2 strains i.e. one syringe of each. I've never tried distillate. Is it any smoother than crumble wax? The Blue Dream mentions it should be a "premium product", does that go for all of them or just the blue dream? Thx in advance!


  • The Blue Dream is different because it's made with live resin instead of distillate. Either way, it's a potent, flavorful experience.

    Unfortunately we don't offer one of each! Of course, you could go 2 of each...

  • Thx for the info! Ah yes 2 of each would be better :-) Which concentrate in your opinion has the most natural terpene flavor? Wax, shatter, etc..

  • Live resin. The technique used for resin preserves more natural terpenes than any other extraction method I know of.

  • Trainwreck and a little drop or 2 of Chronic Hypnotic Tasty Puff in the cart....Perfect... Exactly as the description. Great PTSD "calm the trigger" in the mind feel.......Thank you...

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