Merlin's Concentrates Split Order Question

Hello @MerlinsMagic, will you honor a split request for Sugar Wax and CRC Crumble? I was considering 50/50 split order of CRC Crumble - Biscotti and Sugar Wax - White Runtz. I requested a similar split once before and it was not honored (which was fine) so I'd like to check in advance this time. Thank you for your awesome products and service over the years!! :-)


  • @dabadabido

    I know you didn't ask me, but usually they do if they're the same price, which they are, so it should be honored as long as product availability allows. 😊💚

    @medboy @MerlinsMagic

  • If they do not fulfill a split request it is because they are running out of a product.

    Just add to the comments section of your order "PLZ SPLIT - (2g)Strain Name + (2g)Strain Name"

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    Yes we will honor the splits. It's more work for us, but we do it anyway. Enjoy.
    Sometimes mistakes are made or we run out... feel free to ask for a 10% discount on your next similar order @medboy @dabadabido

  • @MerlinsMagic Thank you for explaining the situation and offering to accommodate this time around if possible. Also VERY MUCH appreciate the discount offer. I'm gonna place a new concentrate order in the next few days so hopefully I can use the code. @medboy can you send me a discount code? Should I send you a separate message via the form to request the discount code? Thank you @MigraineWarrior79 @medboy @MerlinsMagic for responding to this question and helping me out!! Wish you all a nice weekend!! :smile:

  • Make sure you write to medboy from your email, so he knows its you. Don't share any personal info on the forum, it isn't secure. @dabadabido @medboy

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