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@MerlinsMagic Major thanks for adding the Blue Dream to the menu. Grabbed some this am, hope it's fire.....



  • I thought about you @bluedreamer when I saw it on the menu. Based on the other greenhouse strains I’ve been getting from @MerlinsMagic it should be 🔥! I should be able to handle it, based on its genetics, but my brain chemistry doesn’t care for it as it’s given me anxiety every time I’ve tried it.😕. It’s been on my “avoid” list for years.🧐

  • @TheProfessor. Thanks for the thoughts and the heads up about MMs greenhouse strains. I'm looking forward to its arrival. Loud used to get some killer BD flower about 5 years ago that was dynamic and I think Cannabis Club had it once during their short tenure on the menu. I love sativas to begin with but Blue Dream gives me such a great head buzz and still leaves me fully functional to carry on with activities. Hence the handle....

  • Some of that Loud’s Blue Dream was probably the last time I tried it @bluedreamer. It’s been years, I’m just not a glutton for punishment.😕 I did snag a z of the Snickerdoodle Haze and hoping for touchdown later this week. I’ve been experimenting with sativa dom hybrids and have found a few locally that I like. The SH looks really interesting.😎🧐

  • Waiting on a split of white truffle and cereal milk that was supposed to showed yesterday but running late now but one from ht caught up and hopefully showing today but need to get round to snagging some dream

  • That Blue Dream does look nice @bluedreamer. Its been a long since I've had any. Looking forward to your thoughts.. @TheProfessor can't wait to hear how the SH is. I went with Louds indoor Sunset Sherbert..

  • A couple days before the BD hit the menu, I picked up some outdoor Jack Herer, my second all time fave and another rare sighting. @MerlinsMagic you been pushing all the right buttons with my fave strains, thanks for your efforts.

  • @TheProfessor Yes it is very interesting how strains work differently with everyones different chemistry. I'm hoping its not the Haze component of the BD that causes your anxiety especially since the SH you ordered has that Haze component as well. Very curious to hear how that works for you.

  • Me too @bluedreamer! I’ve done my research and I’m hoping that the Grape Ape in its genetics tempers the haze. Like every other strain…we’ll see. I feel good about it and am excited to give it a try! Looking for some summer wake n bakes that are still relaxing.😎🧐

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    @superman38NC You can never go wrong with Sunset Sherbet my friend!! That’s one strain I almost always have on hand! The Snickerdoodle Haze and Georgia Pie should land by Friday and I’m expecting the Purple Kush tomorrow.😎🧐
    I got a freebie J of the Cereal Milk last week @Vapedad78…it’s a really nice indica…it certainly leans that way!👍🏼🔥

  • Awesome that's good to hear, my slurp from ht landed today which was requested same time as cereal milk and cereal milk started moving earlier but somehow slurp caught and passed it to land a day late today but still waiting for rest

  • @superman38NC Nice! Sunset Sherbert to me is a classic! Would love to hear your thoughts on this batch.
    @Vapedad78 Nice split! I ended up getting the same too. You ordered before I did so please let me know how it is. 😎

  • I was very pleased with both white truffle and cereal milk, this batch of cm was much prettier and more potent than last I tried but think it was indoor instead of premium like this time, first time trying wt and really enjoying it also very appealing looks, smell, and potency wise. Great minds think alike or something like that🤣

  • @Vapedad78 that's awesome to hear!! We definitely enjoy the same type of strains. 😎 I skipped out on Cereal Milk last time so I made sure to try it this time.
    Thank you for your thoughts! Mine should be here next week.

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    @ChunksEggo8187 ill definitely let you know about the SS. Requested a 3/4 SS and 1/4 Gush Mintz split. Ordered 4-5 days ago no label yet. Not uncommon when ordering from Loud but I always get it🤞🏼.

  • @superman38NC appreciate it bro! I never really thought about ordering splits that way. Nice! Probably got slammed after the drop. My next order will be with Loud for some ultra prem...don't know which one yet though.

  • Well, the Blue Dream has landed and it is very good. Merlins outdoor offerings never cease to amaze me. They are dusky, not bright, green dime to quarter-sized buds with a mostly berry but slightly fruity funk aroma when sqeezed and ground. The high is all I expect from BD, great head buzz with enhanced imagery and focus and a nice mellow underlying feeling but still able to do activities and chores. Perfection on the cure of these sticky resinous buds I might add. If you have any anxiety issues, you might have an issue when the high first comes on but you can easily ride the wave as the mellower attributes emerge. So in my latest flurry of purchases I've got both my faves BD AND Jack Herer, some Chocolope and a Obama Kush sub for the PK I was hoping for. Oh well, added to with whats in my stash, I think Im stocked until the holiday discount at the end of the year, lol. Have I said how much I love and appreciate this site?

  • Nice review @bluedreamer - would love to hear your review on the Obama as I was also subbed for the PK.

  • @friendsofbillw Saw that you were subbed too. Was hoping you may have sampled it by now. I just opened the bag briefly to get an aroma check. All I could smell was that distinctive Kush smell. Darker buds that seemed fairly dense. I will give it a go at a later date. Gonna enjoy Dreaming for a while, lol.

  • @bluedreamer thanks, I did try it and reviewed it in another thread. Just looking for your comment whenever you are up to it for comparison. I agree the buds are dense and nicely trimmed.

  • Can never resist Blue Dream when it is on the menu. One of my all-time favorites. Thanks for the heads up @bluedreamer :smile:

  • @Rockafire. No problem. If you are a fan of BD, you will like this. Not premium but very good.

  • Also pardon the faux pas on the BD since its light dep not outdoor. But their Jack Herer is and has those great outdoor terps. Love the outdoor prices too.

  • Much appreciated @MerlinsMagic!
    Cereal Milk- prem

    White Truffle- prem

  • Enjoyed both those very much, nice pics . That white truffle is purple as midnight like deep dark purple but the cereal milk is deceivingly purple when really get in there as well but both very nice effects to match appearance

  • @ChunksEggo8187 bud looks good butt dry how is the humidity level

  • @Tac 🤣 how can you tell by a pic that something is dry?

    Both cured perfectly. Happy with the quality. Cereal Milk taste amazing! For me, definitely indica dominant.

    @Vapedad78 Yes! White truffle is black/purple. @TheProfessor Your review of this is similar to this batch of truffle.

  • TacTac
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    Flower Stems look like a older bud fresh buds still have a green tint to them

  • Looks nicely cured to me..been growing on/off for years..when bud gets old it will get a unmistakable tint to it. imo

  • Big shoutout to @LoudnCo for getting my reship of SS to me! Well worth the weight😉. I knew the pic looked fire. Wasn’t sure what I would get but dang I’m happy with this batch. The weight of the world just lifted and I’m at peace..Sunset Sherbet is definitely my #1 go to. Wedding Cake my 2nd fav.
    @tac I didn’t want to come across as what your seeing wasn’t accurate. Never noticed that myself. Older buds get that an almost orange tint to it after shelf life which is subjective

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