Ultra Premium White Truffle - Graded ✔️ by The Professor

This is my second sample bud from @MerlinsMagic. This is the Ultra Premium White Truffle. Merlin also has a premium version of White Truffle. White Truffle is a separate phenotype of Gorilla Butter (PB Breath x Gorilla Glue) and is generally listed as a 70/30% Indica dominant hybrid. My whispy bud was physically larger than the Redbull bud, but came in at 1.5g...barely over half the weight.

Bag/Bud Appeal: We had to take multiple nose hits on the bag and off the plate once ground to try to pin down the aroma. It's a little earthy, hashy, a hint of skunk, with a distinct presence of sweet onion and a slight butter finish. Really unique! The bud itself is a light whispy beauty. You can tell that this is a really dark flower of deep greens and purples, but it is almost obscured by the thick layer of milky white trichomes. The looser trim job actually adds to the appeal as every leaf, crack, and crevice on this thing is coated in frost! This is an amazingly beautiful example of a well cared for and cured flower. Grade: A+

Flavor/Taste: There's nothing fruity here! It produces a nice smooth smoke, a bit hashy, maybe a little nutty, but there's still that sweet onion aftertaste. We like this! It tastes better than Garlic Cookies which is one of our local staples that I keep on hand. Grade: A+

Effects: Nice...calm...relaxed. We are stoned!🤤 The mental mood adjustment comes on pretty quickly, followed by physical sensations that are also very relaxing. Not tingly though, but we both feel it all over. The wife noted a headband feeling, which I feel as well. It's a great pain reliever, as well as a noted appetite enhancer. We're still pretty functional, but definitely moving more slowly after our second bowl. We're finishing up a couple things around the house, but really getting ready to head to the couch for the rest of the evening. Grade: A+

This is definitely a heavier indica, great for unwinding and relaxing at the end of the workday or for a lazy Sunday Father's Day afternoon!😉 Overall Grade: A+ (A superior grow!)

Feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.😎🧐


  • Now on my radar! Happy Father's day!

  • Whew! Nice review 😎 I ordered the premium version so I'm hoping the high is similar to what you described.

    Thank you so much for taking the time on these reviews! Happy Father's Day!

  • Deleted

  • I had the regular premium white truffle this week and was really impressed with it all around.

  • Hahaha- you sir have leaned into the gimmick like Shane- I mean Dean Douglass

  • The regular premium, after just a puff or 2 start feeling light and floaty feeling in the back of cranium. Very quick, nice, potent effects but still able to function with lasting good few+ hours. Visual appeal was also very nice as was the nose and was overall very pleased as well but might have to get round to testing the ultra

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    @TheProfessor your reviews are awesome. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. It is much appreciated!

    I saw in another thread that you got some Snickerdoodle Haze. Did you try it yet and if so, do you like it?

    Edit* Sorry didn't mean to hijack this thread with the Snickerdoodle Haze haha. The Ultra Premium white truffle sounds legit.

  • Thanks @fm_25 i appreciate your kind feedback! Yes! I have the Snickerdoodle Haze! It’s fantastic! I’ve been meaning to do a review.😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor Nice!! I'm probably going to order some pretty soon.

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    @fm_25 If you’re looking for an indica leaning wake-n-bake for a good price…the Snickerdoodle Haze is excellent! Just finished the yard work!😉😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor the Snickerdoodle Haze sounds like a keeper! I'm generally a bigger fan of Sativas but Indica dominant strains have grown on me and I have learned to appreciate them more the last couple of years. I'm excited that the Snickerdoodle Haze is a suitable option for the morning, even though it is indica leaning. Thanks for the info!

  • Great review love it!

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