Sample Recieved

I order on 11/15 and I got my order today 11/23 this morning. I got a $10 sample along I got two jolly chips and one gummy bear edibles freebies. This is a real site and I will be ordering more very soon


  • Wow the shipper was generous with your freebies! Just for everyone else out there, you shouldn't expect 3 freebies every time!

  • Yes they were & I'm not complaining either. I had a gummy bear and it lasted all day. The sample look beautiful, was sticky and definitely an indica. I was productive all day.

  • How did you order the sample, I’m not seeing it on the order forum.

  • You might have to try back in a day or 2. It used to be on the order site not very long ago. Seems like a few people are having trouble ordering so might be having some issues. Ive never been let down by medboy.

  • Ok, thanks, the first time I looked at this site was 3 days ago, and I haven’t see it there yet, but I’ll check every day.

  • We'll have the sample bud loaded up again some time this weekend. Thanks so much for everyone's patience!

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