Looking to order

Looking to order today but just trying to figure out which shipper is on it's and q's right now not trying to wait a couple weeks and I'm not being hateful just an honest question


  • @Zackarrry Happy Trees. Every order I've had has arrived within the week, most being 3 days if placed the night before and it's shipping half way across the country. They are on top of it.

  • Ordered from loud on 14 nothing so far. Ordered from Merlin yesterday got a label today so there’s that! I agree happy trees is on top of it right now!

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    @Wayward88 email MB if you haven't already. I just got a reship label today for my Loud order on the 13th. Sounds like our boxes are chilling together in the great unknown. That or somebody from the USPS is having a great Friday 😜

  • Can’t even get an email response with another excuse within 24 hours…..lol

  • @Tea4Two10 I answer emails in the order they come in, just remember we get a lot of emails a day and to please be patient.

  • @medboy Email sent! Thanks for the heads up @superman38NC

  • Anyone every ask for discounts in these situations?

  • That would be nice!!!

  • Really your lucky I have had several packages with issues and have not gotten anything extra from any shipper here so far your a luck guy!!!

  • Every situation is different. Please do not email me asking for discounts. The shipper's will always make any order issues right within reason.

  • Just be patient. I know it can be hard. Medicine man ALWAYS delivers. Customer since 2017

  • Happy Independence Day!

  • @Trippy You can ask anyone on this forum about our customer service, which we prioritize.

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