Greenhouse Snickerdoodle Haze - Graded ✔️ by The Professor

Received an ounce of @MerlinsMagic 's Snickerdoodle Haze last Sunday as part of a two ounce split with greenhouse Georgia Pie (no longer on the menu). It's listed as a 50/50 hybrid of Chocolope and Dark Shadow Haze. I don't know how they get 50/50? Chocolope is 95/5% Sativa dom and Dark Shadow Haze is 70/30 Sativa dom! "Damn it Jim, I'm a Political Scientist, not a Botanist!"

Bag Appeal: This was the last of three packages from Merlin in the last three weeks. They arrived in 5, 6, and 6 days respectively (for those concerned with shipping). The aroma is somewhat sweet with a hint of spice. I don't know that I smell any cinnamon, but maybe.🤷🏻‍♂️ The buds are nicely cured and dense and are of a variety of sizes, each with different shades of green with reddish brown hairs. Grade: B+

Flavor/Taste: It's a pleasant smoke. It's a little sweet with that hint of spice. There is also a hint of cocoa on the exhale...nice. Grade: A-

Effects: I was a little concerned about this one when I was considering it. As @bluedreamer suggested, I have a problem with the Haze in Blue Dream that gives me terrible anxiety (love DJ Shorts Blueberry though)! So I was a little concerned about the Haze component and that there seemed to be a lot of sativa in this for an Indica lover like me 😳. Nothing in my online research raised any red flags so I ordered it. I find it very strong...mentally calming and relaxing, but not so much that I can't get things done. Which is good, because it comes with a nice little dose of physical energy. I'm guessing that the mental stoniness and happiness are a result of its Grape Ape grandparent. In any case, it does seem to be a well-balanced hybrid. Grade: A

I did the yard work this morning and have been cleaning up around the house all day. Snickerdoodle Haze is really a nice, happy, stoney, yet energy producing all-day medicine. It was also a great value at $190 an ounce to my door. Overall Grade: A-

Feedback and comments are always appreciated as well as your own experiences with Snickerdoodle Haze!😎🧐


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