Can't order more than one bottle of Slurp on the order form

I wanted to get several bottles of Slurp but the drop down box only shows that you can order one at a time. Really don't want to make several orders. Help please.


  • Yeah been waiting on that for awhile myself lol

  • @HappyTrees would you like to offer more than 1 per order?

  • I don't think we're going to be selling this product anymore once we sell out of what we have in stock. We just aren't selling as much as we used to and I think it would be better focusing on getting more strains that everyone will like.
    I think going forward as far as dispo products we'll be selling drops, pre-roll joints, and pre-roll blunts and that will probably be it for the time being.

  • If I could buy more than 1 at a time I'd buy it often but price per is pretty steep but love the stuff

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    @happy Trees, ? You respond but you don't answer the question? Instead you say you're not selling enough and you're probably not gonna carry the product anymore OK that's fine, so can we buy more than one at a time. 😏

  • If we do bring it back at some point I'll be sure to ask MB to make it so people can buy multiple. We'll probably drop the price a bit too if we bring it back. Right now we are going to leave it as is.

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