Loud N Co Bud Price Drop

Hey Med Fam!

Due to inflation and the crazy cost of pretty much everything these days, Loud N Co decided to drop their bud prices for you guys.
Love Loud's Premium strains but money has been tight? Always wanted to try that Ultra Premium strain you've been eyeing but haven't had the funds? Well, now is your chance!


  • Hell yeah! 🥳

  • Awesome! Thx @LoudnCo anyway to get pics on those that are missing like A & B? Or what's the hardest hitter you have?

  • Good news and great prices. Thanks LoudnCo! It’s just too bad I ordered 2 oz the day before this took effect. If only I waited one more day.

  • @00712in mention it on your next order with em in the comment box and if they notice or care they might throw in an extra product, never dealt with loud in that way but happy trees has done similar and have full capability to do so, worth tryin out. 👍

  • @superman38NC Not sure why some pictures just don't work. It's all the strains with a fruit in it's name, sounds ridiculous but I'm not even joking, when I upload the picture it doesn't work. Literally every picture I receive for that strain won't work when I put it on the site. I'm going to reach out for more pictures and try again. Hopefully we will get lucky!

  • Try renaming the pics to something non-fruit related before the upload process? Just a shot in the dark, depending on what software you are using.

  • Or possibly use the initials to abbreviate before uploading instead of sometime completely different to make easier to keep track of to fix name after🤷 idk bored and spitballing just tryna help, either way very appreciative and just took advantage to re-up on couple

  • Believe me, I have tried it all! Maybe just a glitch in the matrix, hahaha!

  • I'd think gotta be in the coding somewhere but who knows

  • @medboy thx for the update.That’s definitely odd but I appreciate your efforts. No biggie if they won’t work. I imagine they are killer like most of Louis bud. I’m really liking the poison gushers.

  • Snagged a split of premium from yesterday from loud and something from Merlin today appreciate the sale for sure now fingers crossed everything flowing smoothly

  • Hoping things from 10th are moving behind scenes at least and the 11th soon as well, speedy turnaround would definitely be a blessing but tryna stay patient while wait, very pleased with everything lately besides that tho

  • Really hoping loud from 11th is moving, got something from somewhere else also showing just label but was picked up by alternate transport so explains it not being updated there but Merlin requested day later shows moving and should TD tomorrow but no news on original loud request put in before either the other 2🤷🤞

  • I'll take it, both touched down today even though loud never scanned till today saying was it for snagging and made up for molded freebie last time with 2 this time, muchos gracias
    Also just opened both look and smell great very appreciative

  • Glad you received your orders! @Vapedad78

  • @superman38NC appreciate it, mean knew it'd eventually show but just can't help get antsy when seeing other things moving but one looks stuck or possibly lost till finally tracking down but all in so stressed over nothing

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