Mimosa Asteroids from Merlin's

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I got 2 grams of Mimosa from @MerlinsMagic just to try them out.

I was recently given a handmade pipe made from ironwood, so I broke it in with these asteroids.

Very smooth, but it smokes like good old fashioned hash. And it was a creeper for me. I took a hit, and after a moment I took another hit. As I sat there, i could feel the effects creep up on me and go to work. Relaxing, but not couch locked.

This has a very nice buzz to it, a cerebral high that had me playing the stereo loud while I cleaned up the kitchen, played a game on the playstation, and then sat here to take another hit while I write this review.

Hmm... if 2 hits were that good, I wonder what 4 hits will do... <- connection lost ->


  • 😂 Nice! Great review @justaguy!😎🧐

  • 💚
    Love it! I've been considering some, myself, so I may just pull the trigger.

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    Sounds excellent! @justaguy Mimosa will always hold a special place. My first sample bud from Medman was Mimosa from Med Mama. Just flower but almost looked like the asteroids and it wrecked me..Instantly ordered it again and been ordering since.

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    Yeah, these things are awesome. A little goes a long way.

  • Thanks for the review, glad they worked for you.. yea they should be super strong.
    Wish my grower was still doing Mimosa, it's one of my favorites and they did such a good job.

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