USPS Backlog of Packages from Amazon Prime Day

To anyone who is waiting for the post office keep in mind that the USPS is currently experiencing a significant backlog of packages from the surge of orders during Amazon Prime Day on July 11th-12th.


  • and I dropped my order on the 13th. Explains the abnormally long wait. TY

  • Huh I always thought amazon handled about 90% of the volume thru their shipping and there was never a huge impact on usps.

  • If only Amazon sold dope, we wouldn't have this problem

  • @TreesPlz 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    I ordered like seven items from Amazon 4 different deliveries on Prime Day and Nothing came by postal ,all Amazon delivery. In fact I order from Amazon a lot or the family does and I don't remember the Postal Service delivering anything for quite a while? Must be different in your neck of the woods 🙂

  • Amazon Prime orders typically come by the Amazon trucks. However, no not all Amazon orders are delivered by them, I've gotten lots of Amazon packages through the USPS. Not sure if Prime Day affected the USPS but it could have been a possibility.

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