Hey Loud

Longtime customer just been gone a few weeks due to finances. Back now and ready to order. If I get an ounce of flower 2vape carts and some cookies can I get a volume discount code


  • 🤣🤣

  • @BudLover bulk discount prices are already applied based on how much you order, an ounce is where I always order at as a sweet spot because of that. loud just lowered their prices again so if you need the absolute best value go with them. Greenhouse is now 180 per ounce.

    Sounds like my standard order aside from the cookies haha. Maybe if you were ordering a ton of one item like prerolls or if it didn't have sufficient bulk options medboy might work something out but this would be the norm.

    Welcome back!

  • Agreed @TacticGuy and Medboy would be the one to contact for any bulk deals.
    That Greenhouse would be only $160/ounce with a two-ounce split.😁. That’s my sweet spot. Two fit in the small box, I can order less frequently (reducing my anxiety…despite that I’ve been ordering monthly for years.), and I save another $40. I’m always trying to balance quality, quantity, and price.😎🧐

  • Budlover sounds like someone else on here i knew once, lol

  • Hopefully things are moving behind the scenes again requested on 19th still just label, quality of everything been on point lately though from everyone honestly

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