Keif cookies

Hey guys,

Am I supposed to cook these cookies first? Because I ate an entire bag and felt nothing...


  • Damn someone else said 1 cookie was almost too much thought remembered in a previous post and been debating between these and some sugar or other comments for upcoming buddy's bday

  • I do have a high tolerance (I dab concentrate regularly) but a whole bag should have done something. The chocolates from merlin are great but wrong time of year to order those.

  • Yeah I love the chocolate like but can't do it in summer get a bunch melted mush

  • @Cob the cookies from loud are 50mg each... that's 600mg of THC from "high quality concentrate", that should be enough to fuck anyone up, how did you parse out eating them?

  • I thought we were talking bout the keef cookies but either way🤔🧐

  • I was talking about the keef cookies 100 mg of keef per cookie...not sure the thc per cookie tho

  • Ahhh sorry I looked at the wrong product, but still unfortunate it didn't work for ya.

  • Send a message to @medboy and we will send you a free chocolate with your next Merlin order. Different things work for different folks. @Cob

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