Shrooms for Beginner

Never tried shrooms. Curious to try. On the current menu, what would be a good easy introduction? And what can I expect to experience, and for how long.

Thank you ✌️


  • Eat the whole eighth and go for gold

  • Set and setting are the most important as well as frame of mind. I didn't eat the whole 8th when I first started shrooms lmao, but started slow. 1 or 2 shrooms at a time and work my way up depending how I felt.

    Some on the menu are way stronger than others though, so make sure to read the descriptions.

    Although, starting off slow usually results in body/head high, but no visuals. If you want visuals, definitely take more.

    On the menu right now, I've tried the P.E. and gold caps.

    P.E. are strong and so are the gold caps. I prefer the P.E. over the gold caps because the gold caps make me sweat like crazy, I mean profusely, which when it's 88 degrees out with almost 100% humidity, it sucks lol.

    If you do try some, let us know what you did and how it went.

  • Weigh them and start with .15 grams or use a shrooms tolerance calculator.

  • Sounds like you need some hill billy country cock.
    Take around 1g and expect a 4hr ride. If your the only one taking it then you should be alone somewhere peaceful

  • @baggy

    Look up Set and Setting in Google, very important>

    For example, this site:

    Please make sure you start small, won't have to work or deal with any kind of authorities. I like to avoid florescent light and go for nature hikes for lower doses.

    High doses I like to have a trip sitter in and lay down with an eye mask and music. I wouldn't start with high dose. Please don't take an 1/8 your first time without experienced support and even then.

    For some it can be a sexy experience, some spiritual, and other fun... it can be useful to write down what you hope to get out of the experience beforehand and if spiritually minded light a candle for the angels or whatever.

  • @baggy I don't dabble with Shrooms, however from speaking with customers over the years I would suggest trying out the Micro-Dose Mushroom Gummies from @MerlinsMagic, or the Letgos/Peace Of Mind gummies from @LoudnCo for your first time. I would think it would be easier to dose.

  • I took a quarter of steel magnolias and never felt a tingle. They were dried up. I can usually pinch stem and turns purple these didn't. Under caps were almost black rotten

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