NEW Three Day Payment Window

Just wanted to offer a heads up to all our customers in the forum that due to recent volatility in cryptocurrency markets, we have decided to shorten our payment window to 3 days for all Bitcoin and Litecoin orders.

What does this mean for you? If you typically pay your order within a few hours of placing it, as many of you here do, then it doesn't affect you at all. But, if you're one of our customers who prefers to place their order first and then set out to get the cryptocoins to pay for it afterward, be advised that many of the exchanges, especially Coinbase, may subject your exchange to a hold that is 3 days or longer. If that happens, then you MUST start over with a new order and pay that new one instead, abandoning the old order.

Pro tip for our Coinbase users: Coinbase lets you pay with either a debit card or a bank transfer. The bank transfer has much lower fees but it is the one subject to these long holds. Debit card transactions have much higher fees but they are pretty much instant. MM and I suggest that if you choose the bank transfer option, then you should buy your coins up to a week in advance of your purchase and you should do your best to time it so that you buy the Bitcoin while the Bitcoin markets are going up in value. Because if you buy Bitcoin while it's going down and then you have to wait a week or longer to get your coin, then it could be worth much less by the time you actually get it.

Let me know your questions here in the comments! I'll address them as they come.

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