I have Tangielope on the way anyone received before I do please give review. I ordered within the first 30 mins of being posted . Mine is showing arriving weds


  • The Look: 10/10 - Beautiful trimmed nugs, frosty lite green and hints of orange hairs.

    The Taste: 8/19 - Definitely has that fruit/cantaloupe/orange hint. But not as strong as the Chocolope.

    The Smell: 9/10 - Opening up my canister, I do get a strong hint of chocolate mixed with something else. It's great smell, but again this is not nearly as strong smelling or tasting as the Chocolope. That's not a negative necessarily, just an observation

    The Buzz: 10/10 - Sativa all the way. Doesn't energize, just focuses. If you're waiting for that mental bell to ring they let you know that you are high, you won't get it necessarily from this. What you will find is that after about two good hits that you are heavily invested in whatever you are looking, watching, listening to, eating, doing, thinking, etc. Really juices creativity, really gives you the tunnel vision isolation that you need to focus, never gets you mentally or physically out of sorts. No paranoia, no energizing, all focus, euphoria, and positive vibes.

    All totaled, the Chocolope is a stronger smell, and a smoother taste. But this has more creative energy available and is an excellent daytime strain. I plan to buy more. 👍🏼

  • Excellent review @OzBaxter! I was leaning towards Tangielope until I saw that Donkey Butter!🤣. Sounds like a great strain that I’ll have to circle back to.😎🧐

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    @OzBaxter nice review! I am a pretty big fan of this outdoor Tangielope. The creative, focused buzz combined with the lack of too much tiredness on the comedown makes it a great medicinal option during the day.

    I didn't find it to be a bad option during the nighttime hours either - especially when taken in higher doses (although any sativa strain wouldn't be my first choice for a night time option). There are some sativas that make falling asleep a challenge if I partake too late, but this hasn't been one of them. YMMV though..

  • Nice review! @OzBaxter spot on description for the effects. Some sativas can have the opposite effect in regards to being productive. Not this one. I’ve also found 1 seed so far.

  • @TheProfessor High praise coming from the review master 👍🏼 I think you would like it if you tried it. It won't help you go to sleep, but it doesn't stop you either.

    @fm_25 Totally agreed! It's a perfect morning strain, but doesn't keep me up at night either. And creatively, I have written more on this juice that I have in weeks. Love it.

    @superman38NC I have found 15 seeds so far! 😂 No exaggeration. And keeping every single one. 🤘🏼

  • Sorry all we are completely out now… on the hunt for more of any kind of sativa

  • Sorry I missed out on it @OzBaxter, sounds great! I’m still enjoying the Chocolope I have and I’ve added a number of Sativa leaning strains to my “collection.”😁. I’ve got almost 3 ounces of really sleepy flower and a 1/2oz of Blackberry and Skywalker moonrocks to get me to next year.😎🧐

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    @MerlinsMagic that was quick! Noticed the menu still has Lemon Cake and Grapefruit. Those sold out?
    @OzBaxter wow nice! Don’t blame you. I keep all bag seeds. Had some good grows from them in the past.

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