Ultra Premium Donkey Butter

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@MerlinsMagic Ultra Premium Donkey Butter was delivered today. We ordered on Monday evening and it landed around noon today...impressive again! I've been waiting for this for over three years!πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ€€ June 2020 was the last time Donkey Butter was on the menu with an outdoor batch from Medmama. My first ounce of this pretty rare strain was really nice outdoor, the second was all smalls. They were both from the same grow and were, and are great. I've kept some in hiding (and broke out in celebration of the return of Donkey Butter!πŸ₯³) and it's as aromatic and potent as it was three years ago!🫠

Bag appeal: Beautiful buds! A nice variety of medium to large buds with a few small ones. Upon opening the ziplock "pouch?" it hit me...that skunky, peppery, sour, earthy, spicy Donkey Butt (aka Donkey Butter) slapped me in the face!πŸ€ͺ At least half the ounce was made up of nuggets around 2g or more, with one amazing kola going 4.2g! The menu pic is representative of this batch of knobby, nicely cured Donkey Butter buds. Multi-shaded greens with dark undertones all covered in a thick frost are very different from the smalls I have left.😊😎 Grade: You are so beautiful to me! A+

Smoke/Taste: It is what it is...this is a harsh smoke. It's thick and heavy. The taste isn't much different than the aroma...nice and skunky, peppery, and sour. Love it! Grade: I don't mind some coughing for the right strain! A

Effects: I dove right into the Donkey Butter as soon as we both got home. We were stoned after hit #2, and it just got better! This is as strong an indica as I've ever had...not as sleepy as some...but incredibly strong. This is definitely a mood enhancing, eye drooping, full-bodied stone that will seriously couch lock you if you're not careful. And yet, mentally, we're pretty clear headed and focused while being wonderfully a little "trippy." As the Donkey Butter body effects continue to set in we're feeling heavy and pretty sedated...we're moving to the couch.😊

The outdoor Donkey Butter and smalls from three years ago was so good that I still have about 5 grams. I'll be using that up now, but I'll certainly be saving some of this incredible batch of ultra premium Donkey Butter...I just hope I don't have to wait another three years! Grade: A+ Love me some Donkey Butt!🀣😎🧐


  • Wow, if Cleveland covers I’ll buy!

  • Damn got me interested I musta missed that one but sounds like a wiener

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    @TheProfessor Awesome review of Donkey Butt! πŸ˜‚ I think I had some of that Outdoor batch yrs ago. Three yrs later and still toking nice that's exceptional bud care! I love those occasional sit me on the couch strains that are trippy. Going to assess my package tomorrow and possibly order some. Thx friend!

  • It’s exceptional @superman38NC! I highly recommend it!😁😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor excellent review, thanks so much.

  • I was always watching for Donkey Butter after I read your review years ago. I had to order a little and also Vice City, Alien Mintz, Root Beer and Pyro. I could not choose. Now after reading your new review I had to order an OZ Donkey Butter immediately before it's gone.

  • Thank you @buds! πŸ™ I'd forgotten I'd written much about it back then. It was good enough to get a couple of Zs then, but this UP batch is so much better! I hope I didn't steer you wrong, my friend, and that your experience with Donkey Butter is as good as mine!😊😎🧐 I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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    Thinking of doing an ultra prem split @TheProfessor with Donkey as one option. The outdoor flower is impressive so I may choose that. Also getting a hankering for some shatter. 🧐

  • Thank You @TheProfessor! You called this one perfectly. Donkey Butter is very strong and is now one of my favorites. I have already ordered more. I am surprised to still see it on the menu!

  • That’s great @buds, I’m glad you like it. It’s definitely one of my all time favorites. If it ever appears here, Dirty Little Secret is an amazing cross of Rainbow Chip (Sunset Sherbet X Mint Chocolate Chip) X Donkey Butter. @MerlinsMagic ? 😎🧐

  • Do you do softcore reviews as well?

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    I could @MikeyC, but what’s the fun in anything soft core?😎🧐

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    That is the kind of review where are you start talking about the nugs and the camera pans away during a soft sax solo, to an open window and some billowing curtains...

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  • I like the music

  • I only subscribe for the articles

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