Did not trip and ate a quarter

I've ordered many times and have been happy but today my package came I was expected in the mood tv and music going. Steel magnolias is what I ordered. I never felt anything. I smoked a joint. Took clonipins thinking that may help but no wasted $80 and waisted a night I had off work. I just want them to send me a quarter of penis envy. They are great.


  • What's doing mushroom like for first time like a gram never done curios about it

  • If you take it too soon after another trip it won’t do anything. You need to wait at least 1 week between trips. If your taking a quarter then I imagine you need to wait 1 month maybe, that’s allot

  • @Lorenzo420 message @medboy

    No one else has said that about them and different bodies are different but I’d love to keep you as customer

    I often will fast before shroomin for less nausea and strong effect.

  • @MerlinsMagic soak in lemon juice for 20 minutes before shrooming. Mush em around and let me know how it goes with no nausea and more....

  • Also benzos like clonapins you said you ate will kill a trip for sure

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