Merlins Order Touchdown

Satisfied customer here. Order confirmed on the 20th. Delivery today the 25th. That's quick for my remote location. Everything was as expected and packaged well. Outdoor flower is cured well.
Pleasantly surprised at the 2G Lush vapes. Looking forward to shroomin' on the lovely chocolate hearts.

Thank you for the medicine and valuable service.


  • Merlin has the šŸ”„

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    Indeed! That is almost always the case!šŸ”„

    Assuming that you received your Tangielope @Rockymtnhigh? Thoughts?šŸ˜ŽšŸ§

  • Yes @TheProfessor. Was lucky enough to score the Tangielope. Great smoke. Earthy flavor to me. Feels as a sativa should. Clear headed and energetic. I actually prefer the SFV OG outdoor.

    The outdoor strains that I've had the pleasure of trying are cured perfectly. The buzz is complete and is competitive with premiums in my opinion.

    Tried the shroom chocolates this morning and am tripping now. Started with half a heart and about to finish it off. Very nice! Bit of a rush initially but really a nice trip. Beautiful morning connecting with the family. Made a big breakfast for everyone and went for a walk. I can tell some thought went into making these. The cayenne has a little kick at the end. Overall just a lot of positive energy and a general sense of euphoria and connections. Despite all the energy, also feel an inner calmness. Mild visual/sound stuff. Highly recommend.

  • Iā€™m so thrilled when people used their medicines well, sounds like a fun experience.

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    Yeah, I got sfv og as a surprise sub last year and it turned out to be a great ol skool high @Rockymtnhigh

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