Merlins fast shipping

Ordered late wednesday night and it arrived saturday morning to alabama. Thank you merlins for the amazing discounted sugar wax and your moonrocks. You guys never disappoint.💚🤙🤘✊️🫶🫵



  • Damn lucky I put in request Tuesday pretty sure and not too far from similar area and gotta wait till Monday but should been yesterday

  • I had the same wed pm sat delivery to the east coast!!!!

  • They killing it hopefully it stays this way. Plus. Their selection hard to order from anyone else on here lol

  • Should be seeing one from last week today, surprised not seeing label from Friday night for HT yet almost figured it'd be tryna catch up but still shouldn't be too far out

  • @Vapedad78 same here. Ordered from HT Friday AM and no label yet. Hopn today!

  • Just found unusual since their labels usually showing fairly quick after pc email but Merl box hit still gotta really get into but first look interesting that HT indoor jealously was very dark but Merl premium jealousy much lighter in appearance wish still had some indoor left to compare effects outta curiosity but very pleased with initial bag appeal for both Merl strains and appreciate the extra thrown in y'all rock per usual definitely much appreciated

  • @Vapedad78 did you get an HT label and is your package moving? I have a label created on the 28th but no item received or movement since. Just was checking.

  • Requested from HT on 25th label on 28th and still not moving tho surprisingly for them and mostly reason went with them this time figuring would be the quickest

  • That is the main reason why I went with HT this time…needed it yesterday. But be patient I keep telling myself, Medicine Man always delivers. Also, I try to rotate my orders among the 3 distributors and it was HT’s turn for an order.

  • @Jaybird922 right whole reason went @HappyTrees this time was their quickness getting things out but nearly week later now hoping it shows today without updates but doubting it unfortunately

  • HT has been absent from the forum here for a few weeks, which is unusual. They might be dealing with behind the scenes issues this time of year.

  • Well just put in nother request from Merl for lcg and mochi split just in case something happened to prolong HT request showing in timely fashion but really hoping one waiting on shows next day or 2 but wasn't today unfortunately

  • @Jaybird922 starting to update now, went from nothing to 5th then till tomorrow for HT so hopefully by tomorrow fingers crossed we'll see that stuff fshow

  • I see my Label updated. Phew! Breathing a sigh of relief for sure. Supposed to have touchdown tomorrow as well. Good thing cuz I am scraping the bottom of the jar at this point.

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    For those who ordered Friday, Sept 1st, with @MerlinsMagic I have a label popped up. Sometimes the waiting drives one nuts, so this is for that, lol. 💚

  • Placed an order on August 28th, products from merlin & loud. Shout out to loud on the 5 day shipping. No luck with the merlin order. Super unfortunate!

  • Ordered on the 29th and received yesterday the 5th from Merlin. 5 days shipping for Loud is excellent. The GH prerolls are not to shabby. Will buy again.

  • Received my order from Merlin today & I'm very happy. Now I have both my orders from Aug. 28th. Bud from loud...honored split of frosted cheeks & red runtz. Both strains are really dank! Crumble from merlin...honored split of grape truffle & white truffle. Both super fire. Already had both & came back for more! Thanks Guys!

  • Looking at ID and willing it to move, lmao! Hoping it is moving, and just not showing. Hahaha
    I'm out and stressing. At least on an unintended t break, I'll def fly high when it reaches my house. 💚

  • Mine just left to your north MW. Same same. Said tomorrow.

  • @pap7777
    Mine started moving too. Possibly tomorrow. Fingers crossed, lol!

  • Hoping loud pulls off a quick turnaround, been sampling little bit from everyone lately

  • @MigraineWarrior79 wish I could share with you! No fun to be out. Hopefully it arrives soon. Did you get the prerolls?

  • @Vapedad78 what did you get from Loud?

  • Placed my order with Loud on Tuesday afternoon, 9/5, and have label creation notification this evening on 9/8. Looking forward to some great dabs!! Based on previous orders, expect landing on 9/12 or 13. ☮️

  • @superman38NC split of Mac stomper and orange push pop

  • @superman38NC

    Yep, 2 packs of prerolls, and some Chocolope (if not subbed). Either tomorrow or Monday.
    You're kind to want to share! 😊💚

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    Nice! @Vapedad78 plz let me know how that push pop is. Loud has had that occasionally but I never bought any.

    @MigraineWarrior79 I like the prerolls for the $. Sometimes it's nice to not have to roll too 😎. NP I would share with most anyone on here. Miss my old toking buds

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