Medicine Man Rewards Program

@medboy This would be pretty cool I think. A free 8th after spending so much, perhaps $500?

In other words, I'm asking for a free 8th because I'm poor right now (credit card debt mostly) and haven't smoked REAL buds in over half a year. Spent more then $500 since 2019. If this request can be accommodated, then thats awesome. If not, then oh well.


  • You get a freebie with every order, bruh

  • Every 3 and a half orders equate to free 8th if get g pre roll each time or 7 if .5g ones, kinda already sounds like a reward program plus prices dropped not that long ago and they're periodic sales and discounts 🤷‍♂️

  • But the price drop was offset by the shipping increase

  • Yeah I preferred the previous ship $ lol

  • @TreesPlz They don't come close haha, shipping went up 5 bucks but 90% of product on the site went down by 15-20%.

    @greatspirit @Vapedad78 is correct, it evens out to about that much every few orders or so, and we also put different products on sale here and there. The shippers are also pretty good on offering re-ships for USPS mistakes on top of their own or defective vapes and such. We try our best to come through for our customers on every order so everyone is happy and high :)

    Keeping track of customers amount of orders and money spent would just be way too much work and very tedious I would assume since it would be me doing it, hahaha!

  • @greatspirit if you order from me with mentioning your forum name, I can throw in some smalls and shake given your situation and order history.

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