Possibilities of a Vape Order split

Just wanted to inquire whether it’s possible to order vape carts, or disposable vapes, and split the order between different strains? For example, if i order 4 1 gram vape carts, or 4 disposable vapes, from the same farm, can i split them 2 of one strain and 2 of another? Or even if i wanted 3 different strains or even all 4 vapes a different strain, is that something you ever do? Its ok if u don't, I'm just asking so I know for future reference what u can, and can’t, do. Im going to be placing a vape order soon and was just wondering what my options were, and if there was any possibility of flexibility when it comes to picking different strains for a single order, even if just splitting between two strains at the very least, so i can get a daytime and nighttime strain……


  • Depends upon their supply, but they usually can/do. @Helensrz

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    Yes, you can ask for a split in the comments section of your order.
    Just add: "Plz Split Vapes- (2)Strain Name (2)Strain Name"
    You can ask for whatever kind of split you like, even 4 different kinds, the shippers will always honor splits IF they can.

  • Sweet! Thank you so much for the info

  • Different strains for the same type are no problem to split, thanks MB for the great info

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