New Shipper?

Because I live in a rural area I watch Informed Delivery closely. I ordered last Friday 11/22 and USPS is still awaiting the package as of 11/28 . Don't understand why a shipping label is created on 11/25 and still no updates 4 days later, Shipped from Mwd Mama


  • One possible reason is that informed delivery itself is behind. I've seen that often. Please let me know if it still hasn't arrived after 2 weeks.

  • Seems to be the new normal whenever I order from Med Mama

  • I am having the exact same issue and I ordered on the 17th from med mama shipping label created on the 20th and it still shows USPS is still awaiting package 12 days later. I really want to email medboy about this because its pretty obvious something is wrong.

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    On the other thread “What’s the Hold up Med Mama” several others are having the same problem. I have horrendous arthritis and I will go at least through the weekend having to OD on naproxen. I love the service but MedMama is having issues for sure

  • Whatever56: Thanks for the insight its comforting to know its not just me at least I did think about scraping more cash for the sale and making sure I order from L&C instead of medmama. I also wish I had saved my money for this week but I was only trying to stay ahead of my medicine as I have a serious condition that requires it. I live in a state that just recently legalized it for recreational use but dispensaries do not open until January 1st and I have been approved for my medical card as well but I cannot use the medical dispensaries yet because I am waiting on the state to mail it to me. So basically I am just trying to get through the month of December until prohibition is finally over or my medical card arrives whichever happens first.

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