Dispensary Quality

Hi all..I never had dispensary quality flower before. Would you consider the ultra premium flower on this site on par with top shelf flower from a dispensary?


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    We only have medical dispensaries here in OH and everything is prepackaged in 1/10ths, 5ths, halves and ounces. The quality varies quite a bit, and like here, you can’t check it out before buying. We do have access to THC numbers though. I’d say most of the flower falls somewhere between indoor and ultra premium. I’ve had a couple batches that were less than desirable, but most are pretty good. QC has gotten better. The ounce of Sunset Sherbet I picked up last weekend is absolutely beautiful. Definitely ultra premium quality, but an amazing deal at $150.50 OTD.😎🧐

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    Thank you professor for taking the time to provide such a detailed and in depth answer to my question. The mere fact that you are using this site even when you have dispensaries available, speaks volumes of the quality here.

  • You're welcome @Quasar! I love this site and this community! About half of what I have here at home is from MM. I think I ordered 8-9 ounces this summer, mostly outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor. I don't generally see the need to spend on premium or ultra premium unless it's something I'm looking for like the recent UP Donkey Butter.😊 I have a pretty generous cannabis allowance so I buy what I need and want, but I try to be frugal.😉😎🧐

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