Pure Kush

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Our Pure Kush touched down today…ordered Tuesday night. It came with more sample buds and products to review…thanks @MerlinsMagic !👍🏼
I won’t be hitting the Pure until later tonight and will post a review here sometime tomorrow.


  • Looking forward to your review @TheProfessor

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    This is the third time I've had Pure Kush (aka Pure OG, aka Pure OG Kush). The first time was from here 3-4 years ago and I found it to be incredible medicine for insomnia. Over a year ago one of my local dispensaries/cultivars had Pure OG (batches between 9% and 19%). I had a oz of the 19% and it was equally amazing for sleep. I'm really happy to see Pure OG Kush back on the menu. If you're looking for the heaviest of Indicas for pain and sleep, this certainly is among them.

    Bag Appeal: A bag full of 2-3g beautiful buds, nicely cured and a slightly looser trim (just the way I like). Hues of deep emerald to light mint green and brown hairs are somewhat muted by a thorough coating of tannish trichomes that make each nug appears like it was rolled in beach sand. The aroma is dank, earthy, nutty, spicy, even a little sweet. Grade: A

    Flavor/Taste: It pretty much tastes like it smells...sweet and nutty win out.😁 Grade: A

    Effects: Wow! It's probably a good idea to be at least partially prone before partaking in Pure OG. It'll save you time and distance when you crash!😴 😁 Seriously, this batch of Pure OG is the strongest we've ever had. It hits really hard, almost like a narcotic. I don't find this to be a fun strain, but if you're looking for serious pain relief, heavy sedation, and almost instant sleep, this is amazing medicine! Grade: A+

    This Indoor Pure OG Kush is a beautiful batch of flower @MerlinsMagic. Did the recent Indoor strains come from the same grower? The Pure OG, Permanent Marker, Z3 and Face Melt are amazing! They could all easily be premium. Compliments to the grower and thanks for passing along the savings. Overall Grade: A+

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    I need some of this in the arsenal for migraines!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 the Pure should be outstanding medicine for migraines as it’s also got 1-2% average CBD!😊😎🧐

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