Pure Kush

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Our Pure Kush touched down today…ordered Tuesday night. It came with more sample buds and products to review…thanks @MerlinsMagic !👍🏼
I won’t be hitting the Pure until later tonight and will post a review here sometime tomorrow.


  • Looking forward to your review @TheProfessor

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    This is the third time I've had Pure Kush (aka Pure OG, aka Pure OG Kush). The first time was from here 3-4 years ago and I found it to be incredible medicine for insomnia. Over a year ago one of my local dispensaries/cultivars had Pure OG (batches between 9% and 19%). I had a oz of the 19% and it was equally amazing for sleep. I'm really happy to see Pure OG Kush back on the menu. If you're looking for the heaviest of Indicas for pain and sleep, this certainly is among them.

    Bag Appeal: A bag full of 2-3g beautiful buds, nicely cured and a slightly looser trim (just the way I like). Hues of deep emerald to light mint green and brown hairs are somewhat muted by a thorough coating of tannish trichomes that make each nug appears like it was rolled in beach sand. The aroma is dank, earthy, nutty, spicy, even a little sweet. Grade: A

    Flavor/Taste: It pretty much tastes like it smells...sweet and nutty win out.😁 Grade: A

    Effects: Wow! It's probably a good idea to be at least partially prone before partaking in Pure OG. It'll save you time and distance when you crash!😴 😁 Seriously, this batch of Pure OG is the strongest we've ever had. It hits really hard, almost like a narcotic. I don't find this to be a fun strain, but if you're looking for serious pain relief, heavy sedation, and almost instant sleep, this is amazing medicine! Grade: A+

    This Indoor Pure OG Kush is a beautiful batch of flower @MerlinsMagic. Did the recent Indoor strains come from the same grower? The Pure OG, Permanent Marker, Z3 and Face Melt are amazing! They could all easily be premium. Compliments to the grower and thanks for passing along the savings. Overall Grade: A+

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    I need some of this in the arsenal for migraines!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 the Pure should be outstanding medicine for migraines as it’s also got 1-2% average CBD!😊😎🧐

  • Great review @TheProfessor I also ordered this when it first hit the menu. Merlin shipped it out immediately, only 3 business days for delivery! I found this to be some strong medicine! The smell for me was a sweet pine with the typical kushy skunk undertones. The dry pull is a little sweet and somewhat green. This is most definitely an evening strain as it will knock you out within an hour or less!

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    I’d agree with your review @friendsofbillw! I find the pine adds a cleanliness to the aroma and taste that is “Pure!” I generally last less than 30 minutes at bedtime with any of my “sleep” strains: Pure OG, Purple Kush, Banana Kush, and Snowball. I’ll smoke a bowl when I wake up during the night once or twice, and I’m always back asleep in less than 15 minutes. Strains like Pure brought decent sleep back to my life!😴😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor yes they came from the same growing team… it was a pleasure to see the girls growing happily.

  • I got subbed white fire og for the pure kush but not complaining its actually reallly good!

  • Requested more permanent marker but looks like might gotten 2 same I should have specified I almost exclusively request splits for variety and to keep from becoming tolerant to any one in particular to quickly

  • Same here @Vapedad78. Ordered a split but ended up getting all of one kind…Sundae Driver which is eh. Missed out on that Permanent Marker.

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    Sorry about the subs... please note in comments requests about subs... such as variety preferred. Some of the team figure, well they at least know one thing you'll like

  • Thanks @MerlinsMagic. I really appreciate how you chime in on the forum! Spectacular customer service 💪! Yea, I ordered a zip split between Permanent Marker and Face Melt, but got all Sundae Driver… Not whining, this is the way it goes sometimes because I knew I may have pulled the trigger too late as these indoor specials were highly recommended on here, especially the PM. Been ordering from here for years and love this site! I will need to make another order to increase the potency in my arsenal. Eyeballing that Ultra Grape Gas and Beach Wedding 👀.

  • @MerlinsMagic all good bro i know you guys are doing yalls best

  • Always hate getting subbed @Jaybird922. Sorry you missed out on the Permanent Marker, but I’m surprised that you’re not liking the Sundae Driver. I’ve had this batch since it hit the menu and I’ve found it to be as good if not better than any SD I’ve had, dispensary or MM. Moisture, flavor, and effects all benefitted from storage with a Boveda though.😎🧐

  • Thanks Professor! I wish my tolerance wasn’t so ridiculous. The SD is typical Indoor IMO and is why I normally venture to the top shelf. However, the Permanent Marker reviews made me pull the trigger. The reason for split requests are mainly because of my tolerance. So when I get all of one it is a little bit of a bummer. It’s all good. Saving up for my next order. Boveda for sure!

  • I understand a high tolerance @Jaybird922. I go through a lot of flower which is why I keep so many different strains on hand. I have found over time here that price points reflect more on appearance and overall appeal than effects. Some of the best cannabis I’ve had here over six years has been outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor. Of course your results may vary.😁😎🧐

  • I grabbed some of that SD when it first hit the menu. Still have a couple buds. I would normally consume SD after hours or on a Sunday afternoon. With this batch I've found w & b is the best experience for me.

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