Going out of town.

I'm going out of town for work for about a week leaving Monday and I'm almost out of medicine. Do you think i could get this mailed to the girl in staying at and do you think it would be they're before next thursday? Having to go build another company store in Pensacola,FL. Don't want to be without my medicine that long lol


  • The Hotel** not girl i apologize

  • I think timing is your main issue @Zackarrry. We’ve had packages sent to our vacation destinations before. A package should make it there by Thursday, but that’s cutting it close. Too unpredictable for me though.😬😎🧐

  • Agree with @TheProfessor @Zackarrry next Thurs at this point would be risky. Unless your ordering a small amount and don’t mind potentially not getting it. Swing on by SC I’ll hook you up 😉

  • @TheProfessor @superman38NC yeah you guys are right i juat hate to go to the corner store and talk to debo but i will lolol and if SC was on the way i would 100% give you some of these firre trippy truffles i have for some smoke

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    I always hated going out of town trying to find a connect. I visit FL quite often and look forward to legalization there one day. Trippy truffles sounds very intriguing 🤪. Is that Merlin’s moonrocks?

  • Ohh no sirr just some mushroom truffles i got from a festival not that long ago but yeah i wished it was recreational down there and it would be no proba

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