Best recent Pure indica

Can anyone recommend the best recent pure indica. No hybrids please.


  • Its rare to see a 100% indica or sativa on the menu. Not sure there is one right now. GDP or GMO would be the closest that I see. Most everything is a hybrid.

  • I’m not sure if there are any ‘pure’ indicas on the menu. Occasionally you’ll find some Hindu Kush, that’s 100% indica, but most flower here are hybrids, although there are heavier leaning indica crosses here. It maybe hard to find anything pure anymore with all the genetic crosses. You might have to go to landraces to find anything pure anymore and a lot of those genetics are being threatened by cross contamination from hybrids. If you follow the posts on the forum you’ll see reviews for many strains offered. Perhaps that will help you find a heavy indica not necessarily ‘pure’. I’m mainly a sativa and indica cross fan. There is some GDP on the board but I haven’t tried it. Happy hunting…

  • I’m with @superman38NC i don’t see any 100% Indicas on the menu at the moment @Pageset. Hybrids seem to dominate everywhere. The last really strong Indica was Pure OG Kush. As for strong Indica effects the Grand Daddy Purple, GMO, Jaeger, or Permanent Marker are probably your best bets.😎🧐

  • I'm looking for 100% pure ruderalis

  • That's the problem with hybrids and genetic crosses is a degredation in phenome. Any genetic markers and makeup are sequenced specifically per attribute or strain. Contamination & cross contamination is therefore a very very real issue. Especially incorrectly cross- breeding indica and sativa strains. Like breeding a cat and a hippopotamus.

  • Cat and hippopotamus don't share the same genus.

  • So, do do you think that all the known strains are kept in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault?

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