Happy Trees - Review Disco Dabs Live Resin - Purple Octane

I never ordered from @HappyTrees so I decided to give them a try. I ordered 4 grams of their Live Resin - Purple Octane.
Shipping was quick, about 4 business days to my door. Packaging was secure, no issues there. The Live Resin was individually packaged in one gram containers. I am assuming this came from a dispensary based on the packaging. Disco Dabs appears to be an Oregon based company who offers many types of concentrates at the lower price point. A quick search will find many dispensaries who are selling this product for about $15 to $20 per gram.

On the packaging the product states a total terpene percentage of 17.67% which is unheard of! I expected the smell of this to blow me away. I was sadly disappointed as this product has no smell what so ever. On to the taste: With a total terp lever of 17.67% you would expect flavor off the charts - not so much, this product has no flavor at all! I think this is very old outdated live resin OR something else. The appearance is nice, it has a golden yellow color which shines with crystals when putting a light on it. Unfortunately the flavor and smell just do not exist. There is no packaging date on the box so who knows how old this is. On to the effects: The effects were very mild, not strong at all. I did get a low level mellow Indica type buzz, nothing great. Overall very disappointed in this product. @HappyTrees have you tried or smelled this product? I would love to hear from anyone else who purchased this product OR any of the other Disco Dab products. I have been ordering from here for years and this was a big let down.


  • Same issue with the hawaiin skunk face extract. It seems to be some type of sugar and effects were not there nor taste. I dont mind spending what they ask for but I expect top shelf product for top shelf price. Just really disappointed with the purchase overall. If i could get refund i def would. I spend a pretty good bit on here.

    @friendsofbillw @HappyTrees @medboy

  • @Zackarrry sounds like your experience was similar to mine. I also do not mind paying a top price for top shelf products however the Disco Dabs do not fall into that category. There is QR code on the box which leads to their IG page. The problem here is I am not certain this product is genuine OR it is extremely old and has lost all of its terps and effects. I would also like a replacement for something that is worth the price paid.
    @medboy @HappyTrees

  • @friendsofbillw i totally agree and your description was spot on with my experience. Hopefully theyll discount them or remove them entirely. Or we couldve just somehow got a bad batch or something.

  • Everything that is name-brand on our order forum has been purchased from a dispensary. That's really disappointing because that brand was highly recommended to us from multiple people. We'll drop the price down, put it on sale. We're going to be getting more concentrate from a private seller next week. He's very passionate about making concentrates, and if he has good product we'll be buying a lot of his stuff. Anyways, we apologize that this batch was sub-par. Contact MB and we'll make it right. We will be getting more stuff sometime next week so if you're willing to wait we will have a better selection of goodies to send.

  • Thanks @HappyTrees I am fine waiting for you to reup from your private seller. I will reach out to MB and wait for you to list the new items next week!

  • @HappyTrees i will as well ty for making it right

  • @friendsofbillw let me know if you ever hear anything from them im still waiting on a reply

  • @Zackarrry I did send a message to @medboy - he was not aware of the problems and was going to contact @HappyTrees - I am going to wait for HT to update the concentrates as they mentioned will happen this week. Hopefully we will see replacements sent this week once they restock with some quality product.

  • @friendsofbillw im waiting on The same thing my friend. Hopefully the restock with some 🔥

  • We're getting them tomorrow! Sorry for the wait, guys!

  • @HappyTrees - just checking in to see if you have any update on the concentrates?

  • Also, @HappyTrees will you be posting any Premium Flower by this Thursday when I get paid? Lol

  • Thanks @HappyTrees I did receive the reship yesterday, much appreciated. I have not had a chance to test it yet but will do so this evening and will provide a review.

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