More affordable concentrates please!

Hey @medboy @MerlinsMagic @LoudnCo @HappyTrees i would really love to see more of a variety of the cheaper concentrates. I always loved Merlin’s sugar wax. They were always tasty and potent: I don’t care for the current crumbles. They all taste like they have a slight mildew flavor and aren’t really that strong. Diamonds and live resins are nice, but not at that high of a price. I see that stuff sit and sit on the menu. I find that most people get a much more enjoyable experience out of the cheaper dabs because of just that….they aren’t as expensive and do basically the same thing. If live resins and diamonds were at the same price, I’d buy more. But I can only splurge on those every once in a while. I usually buy 8-16g at a time if there is a decent variety. So here’s to hoping to see some new concentrates soon! Thanks for everything you do!


  • Noted on the concentrates… already everything’s on sale, but I’ll look for regular sugar wax too

  • Thank you so much @MerlinsMagic I really appreciate that! You guys are normally my go to for dabs. Yes the shatters and the sugar waxes are my favorite from you guys. I’ve already had all of the strains of the concentrates you have. I haven’t tried all of the diamonds but I did try one. I just can’t do it on the regular.

  • @MerlinsMagic Not sure who had it. But a while back Platinum OG shatter . If you find it I will buy as much as possible !

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