Micro-Dose Mushroom Gummies

I never tried shrooms. The other day, I tried 1 of these Micro-Dose Mushroom Gummies from @MerlinsMagic. An hour later I decided to take like 4 more gummies. But I never saw visuals or had an intense experience. Am I simply not taking high enough dose? (Remember though, it was my first time.)

I also got a 0.5g chocolate heart sample. Would I get more out of this sample than 4-5 of those gummies?

I’m NOT complaining about the Micro-Dose Mushroom Gummies. Just trying to understand what to expect and what I need to try in order to achieve my desired state of awe/delirium/euphoria.


  • Also, the product says:

    Micro-Dose Mushroom Gummies - 20 pieces / .2mg per piece - 4 Grams total

    I think there’s a typo. I think you mean 0.2g per piece, not .2mg. (1g = 1000 mg)

  • @baggy I have plenty of trips for me. I'm thinking you didn't get adequate dose. Also they hit everyone different. I mean depending on how far I wanna go downward spiral...I eat generally 3.5g or lil more. But that will take some people too far. That wud be the whole can. And I wud assume micro dose gummies have mix of different n may not be as strong as they are not supposed to be.

  • Yea I’d just go ahead and get actual shrooms an start with a half gram to a gram. Go from there,you’ll know when they hit you man. Safe travels

  • I’ll start yawning and noticing my breathing when I start feeling them and I know it’s coming, also corners of rooms and angles In general are different lol hard to explain just my experiences every ones different and that’s with actual shrooms not the gummy’s @baggy

  • Also micro dosing you shouldn’t feel effects you want a macro dose and up for that @baggy

  • @Bayoubud87 so how many of those microdose gummies should I try? 8 at once?

  • Honestly I haven’t had the gummy’s bro if you want to feel the effects a gram is a good starting point of dried shrooms. Eat or make tea and adjust dosage from there maybe 1.5 or 2 grams for stronger effects again this is with dried shrooms Or haven’t had any gummy’s from anywhere @baggy

  • Also make sure you aren’t taking any psyche meds or anxiety medicine like Xanax and don’t eat a large meal before dosing @baggy

  • Micro dose is for effects like helping with depression, mood and neuroregeneration.

    You might eat 8- the entire box to get a proper trip.
    I’d eat the chocolates or raw mushrooms if you’re wanting to go deep.

  • @baggy is correct… @medboy can we fix the dosage typo on the website? Should read 0.2g or 200mg

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