Diamond Frosted Moon Rockets - Jet Fuel

I’ve always been intrigued, so I decided to give them a try. They’re big! 1g cones, covered in distillate and rolled in diamonds. They’re something to look at, but they don’t look very functional to smoke. They’re more of a party joint! A lot of the diamonds were falling off the cone, so I decided to cut pieces off with an exacto knife and smoked it in a pipe. Actually got four bowls from it. I was concerned about the effects of the Jet Fuel as it’s a pretty strong Sativa with anxiety and paranoia as known side effects. Fortunately, my new meds have pretty much eliminated my anxiety and panic. It’s some strong sh!t for sure. It started off pretty racy, but otherwise it was really awesome. Great energy, really high, and long lasting!😎🧐


  • I thought they would be more of a hit, and yea some issues as you mentioned. Glad you’re getting value out of it… on sale now :)

  • We really liked the combination @MerlinsMagic, just not crazy about the packaging. They do cut nicely into four bowls and we didn’t lose any flower or dust… and it definitely messes us up.🫠 A lot of us here, at least on the board, are just old stoners. Speaking for myself, I just prefer function over flash. Thanks for the unique offering. Heck, I might have to try the SSH before they’re gone!😎🧐

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