Good for Pain on the Menu

A good friend is looking for a strain for pain. Any recommendations? Too much to choose from, get lost looking.


  • There’s lots of good strains for pain on the menu @antfuzz: Pineapple Express, Grand Daddy Purple, GMO, NYC Diesel, Dosidos, Runtz, Purple Punch, MAC1, Wedding Cake, and Gelato Mintz. There are more, but these are known pain relievers. If I were ordering, I’d consider the Grand Daddy Purple, Runtz, Purple Punch, Wedding Cake, or the MAC.😎🧐

  • Thanks Professor.

  • @TheProfessor any in that list also good for sleep?

  • Grand Daddy Purple, GMO, Purple Punch, Runtz, and Wedding Cake make some people sleepy, but the only one that I’d consider for sleep would be the GDP @antfuzz.

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