My Review Of Happy Trees Disco Dabs

Happy Trees: Great 4 day shipping (2 different orders, both 4 days). Perfectly packaged. Came with a nice free joint (no crap shake joint) & a cool sticker. Top Notch!

Tropical Infusion Shatter: Awesome light golden in color. Nice sweet smell but not overwhelming. Constancy is what shatter is supposed to be... stable snap & pull. Taste OMG so good. Very nice high. (A)

Fuego Banana Live Resin: Awesome golden honey like color. A scent to die for. Constancy is great... it's like wax & it comes perfectly on & off the dab tool. Unbelievable full spectrum taste. Gets you super high & it lasts. (A+)

I'm really hoping it comes back on the menu!


  • Dang that's some wildly varying experiences no? Didn't the other couple people say the disco shatter had to smell or very little taste and mid effects?

  • Yeah I don't understand. Granted I believe they complained about a different strain. Or maybe it was a 1 off bad batch. I hope they didn't ruin it because I've been buying wax/shatter on here since 2016 & disco dabs ranks among some of the best. Now it's not on the menu, real bummer!

  • @BCWESLEY glad your were happy with the Disco Dabs - I ordered the purple octane and had the opposite experience. I have been ordering concentrates here for years and this was the first time I was unhappy. You can read our review on it here:

    I think the product was old and lost all of its terps. @HappyTrees will make it good and I will not stop ordering from here. Love this place and the community around it.

  • @BCWESLEY im sure we didnt "ruin it" they were still on the menu days after our post. I was just being honest about my exp. With the hawaiin skunk face extract. Ill still order from @HappyTrees they always have top notch produ t just a bad batch i guess.

  • Maybe just ran out or something but that live resin sounds like something I'd like to try

  • @Zackarry I'm sorry you didn't like what you ordered, that's unfortunate. I'm not accusing you or anyone else of doing anything wrong. By "ruin it" I meant Happy Trees just started carrying concentrates & even mentioned another dab maker that was really passionate about his dabs that they are going to have. It just seems like they might have decided not to carry concentrates after all.

  • @BCWESLEY I would suspect @HappyTrees is working on sourcing some quality concentrates and we will see them back on the menu soon, fingers crossed.

  • Sorry for the wait, guys. We thought we were going to have them sooner. We are going to pick up some concentrates from our new supplier tomorrow. We'll keep you all posted!

  • I wish I could be there for the IQC inspection process. 😁

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