If anyone tries this please lmk ASAP I’m so happy stuff like this coming out on market be ordering next week for sure. Thanks MM


  • I’m also interested in knowing about this. I tried the purple mdma and my gosh was it healing! I definitely recommend for anybody looking for a bonding experience with a loved one. Also knowing it’s tested and legit makes it such a better experience. I want to order again but I’m curious about the effects of this substance.

  • I'm just about to order in next day or 2, so will let you know soon and on the dmt also.

  • I have gotten nothing but good reviews in emails from customers who have tried it.

  • This one is my absolute favorite to take regularly.
    Doesn’t give me a hangover and I can take a little to party and a lot for ceremonial vibes.
    Only downside is it can clear the stomach out in a hurry so I like to be near a toilet until it clears and I integrate the medicine.

  • Thanks @MerlinsMagic thats good to know. Are saying the sass causes nausea and would you recommend lsd as a regular as well?

  • What do you do after taking it? Maybe I should read erowid...

  • Parties are fun, cuddle puddles, sexy time, heartfelt conversation where you’re ready to let go of a grudge with someone you love.

    It’s pretty sensual so massage, mud baths hot tub are great. At higher doses it’s a bit psychedelic so you might get some enhanced colors or slight patterns so a walk in nature can be good.

    Also I’ve notice some clear guidance from my higher self taking it, so having a notebook is nice too.

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