Ultra Premium Cherry Dosi

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The Cherry Dosi, aka Cherry Dosidos, aka Cherry D, that we ordered Monday evening from @MerlinsMagic landed today...three days! We received our ounce and a "Freebie Hybrid Indoor Jay." This Cherry Dosidos seems to be the same as the sample I reviewed last month.🥳

Bag Appeal: The buds are a variety of sizes, but nothing large, most being 1-2 grams, with some smalls. They're pretty dark looking, but definitely have a sparkle! The flower is mostly shades of dark green with dark purple undertones, covered in brown hairs and a milky white frost. Sticking my nose in the bag, I'm hit with a strong sweet, fruity, and spicy aroma (I'm still digging the pouches...they really do protect the flower from being crushed by the vacuum seal). Cure and trim are outstanding and when ground, it's really dark. Grade: A-

Flavor/Taste: The flavor is also sweet, but it definitely has a spicy finish. The smoke is smooth. Grade: A

Effects: As I wrote a month ago, this is some strong medicine! This batch of Cherry D has very stoney effects that really hit my face and body. I'm feeling really stoned, relaxed, and mellow, yet I'm not sleepy at all. In fact, I'm feeling quite creative as I finish another bowl, this review, and fixing dinner. Grade: A

Cherry Dosidos is an Indica dominant hybrid which is either a cross of Phantom OG x Dosidos or Cherry Pie x Dosidos. I'm guessing the later, but it doesn't really matter because this is a great strain for anytime of day when you want to feel really stoned, but want to remain upright...and functional. This batch doesn't disappoint, so if you like Indica leaning hybrids, I highly recommend this batch of Ultra Premium Cherry Dosi! Overall Grade: A

As always, please feel free to share your experiences with Cherry D!😎🧐


  • Another awesome review @TheProfessor

  • Love your reviews!! @TheProfessor I haven't pulled the trigger yet (so many options!) Considering that with a split of Speaker Knockerz or prem GMO. Seems like Dosidos is the strain to cross at the moment.

  • Thanks @friendsofbillw I appreciate it! @superman38NC I’m extremely impressed with the Cherry D. It’s not quite the level of the Permanent Marker, but it’s darn close. Great minds think alike…I’m taking a really hard look at that Speaker Knockerz as well!😎🧐

  • Not drowsy you say? Creative and functional? I may have to look into this. I rarely ever like strains that make me sleepy. I have no problem sleeping LOL

  • Not one bit!
    Like I’m ready to write my novel!
    I don’t sleep for sh!t…but the Cherry D doesn’t help!😁😎🧐

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