Indigo Pyramid LSD

I got 5 tabs of the Indigo Pyramid LSD in a few days ago and took a tab Wednesday to try it out.

Remember that everyone is different and this is just my experience.

They came in a dime bag inside of a foil ziplock along with all the usual vacuum sealing and packaging. The foil ziplock makes it easy to store them long term, so that’s definitely nice. Taking them out of the bag, they’re slightly translucent with gold specks, about the size of your average blotter tab. They’re firm and a little bit tacky which makes breaking them apart without a knife somewhat difficult. They don’t taste like much and dissolved completely after about 15-20 minutes under my tongue.

I haven’t had a lot of experience with acid. Up until this point the only acid I had tried was given to me in a gum wrapper, and gave me some persisting visuals for at least a day after. Quick side note, don’t take acid from people you don’t know or don’t trust. These tabs were much different. The trip kind of snuck up on me, and after about 20-30 minutes I was definitely on the come up. I started to have visuals maybe 10 minutes after that. At first the patterns on various surfaces began to move around, but as the acid took hold I started to see flowing geometric patterns around various points. Faces looked like caricatures of themselves with rainbow outlines and I had a period of about 5 minutes where I just made faces at myself in the mirror while laughing. It was a great time.

The whole trip I felt lighter than air. I had a feeling like I could physically do anything. Despite feeling energized, it wasn’t a speedy kind of energy. The high was very clean and I never felt like I couldn’t think clearly or control myself. I had a major appetite and ate more than I had in the 2 days prior combined. I would definitely recommend having access to something good to eat while taking these. The come down was a little bit rough though, and I had some really bad moments in the last 3ish hours. In all fairness I am on SSRIs, which generally make my come downs a little harsher.

Overall, it was a really solid trip. Great for being active. This would be the tab to take if you were going to a festival or concert.


  • Sounds like you had fun overall!

    "Another all-nighter. Again.
    By 7am you either feel like you could rule the world or like you've just been run over by a fucking truck. there's no in between."

  • Sounds like they’re leaving the strychnine out nowadays. I used to hate that feeling of having your entire backbone itch and the teeth grinding (1970s) Clean cid can be heavenly.

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    @funkynugz it was higher quality than I expected from acid nowadays. Especially with how artificial the last tabs I got felt. @MerlinsMagic has really quality stuff from my experience though. It was probably cleaner than most mushroom highs I’ve had tbh. It wasn’t super strong or anything, but I felt like I could do any physical task you put in front of me.

  • Thanks @idkman49 good to know. LSD can be exhausting sometimes.

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    @funkynugz it was a surprisingly easy comedown. In my experience with mushrooms (the only other psych I do regularly) the comedown is harsh as hell. This left me tired, but not like run down or mentally drained. I’m not sure if it would be harsher with a higher dose though.

  • I often feel invigorated and charged in the afterglow of an experience for a couple days afterwards.

    Sometimes if there is a lot going on emotionally and mentally the medicine will encourage you to look at it.

    I’ve found the best way out is through, and what is tiring is the resistance. Hard to look at faults and patterns can be glorious to investigate honestly and overcome or
    Create new patterns through.

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