Edibles literally have zero effect on me and i hate it. Last time i tried them i ate over 1200 mgs with little to no effect. I was wondering if i would have amy luck with the tinctures. When mama was around i ordered 4 packs of the 500 mg gummies and ate all of them within a hour and nothing. Ive read that stomach acid could have somethi g to do with it om a forum on here. Question is would tinctures be any diff. And is there anything i can do to help with the edibles


  • Your missing the enzyme unfortunately sounds like man hate that for people cause nothing like a good edible high. I've heard mango helps increase effects, I've heard lictin or whatever it is helps it kick in quicker and metabolism better. Just read reddit post of a dude ate like 5kmg worth gas station ones and carts that were all altnoids or something thcp and delta 8 mixed with caffeine and sleep aid both dude ended up in ER still couldn't form sentences almost 2 days later and not in good shape so be careful

  • @Vapedad78 bro i bet he was regretting that lol i was just wondering since the tinctures are sublingual would they work since im not technically eating anything

  • I ordered some of those discount Peanutbutter Kief Cookies. They included one as a freebie in an order and I froze it because I thought I would never eat it, but I didn't want to get rid of it. Desperate times, I'm dry, I thaw it, and surprisingly half of it gave me a nice warm buzz. So I figure a bag full of those would be a nice buzz when I am unable to burn due to stock issues or people around.

  • Yeah I tried one recently and it started off decent but didn't seem to have the legs or something others I like better have but they're definitely decent in a pinch

  • Keif hits different… glad you got some use.

  • Yes @MerlinsMagic definitely greatly appreciated I was very curious bout them and they are really tasty just didn't wanna blow up spots wasn't sure how many went out. They do hit differently comes on fast and real strong and last decently before tapers off or get more adjusted or something and don't even realize the roller coaster is over lol I just really enjoy my gum drops and chocolate bars and ones similar to those slightly better for duration and other medical benefits personally but definitely a big thanks for helping scratch that itch 🫶

  • The santa maria tinctures are out for delivery today. Im excited to try them since edibles have zero effect on me maybe since these are sublingual they will work. Idk but i will let you guys know effects tomorrow!

  • Let us know! Hold it under your tounge as long as you can.

  • @MerlinsMagic I know it probably wasn't a huge seller, but if you decide to sell those keif cookies again, I'd definitely buy some 👍🏼

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    @OzBaxter probably not bro… the ingredients we’re such high quality that the margins were tough and they moved pretty slow.

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    They're definitely interesting and taste good and absolutely enjoyed the one I had and very appreciative of getting chance to try one. If the effects stuck round closer to long as some other edible types I'd be all over em . But they're like a stripper quick slap in the face to get your rocks off them she bounced

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    @MerlinsMagic Fair enough. I figured they weren't your biggest seller. Quality product. I still have half a bag in the freezer. It's good for a pinch when you're surrounded by holiday families that don't participate in smoking and such. I will try some of your other edible offerings as well. I'm really curious about the chocolates. 👍🏼

  • I had one of those cookies as a sample and wow it was hard hitting, even eating 1/4 of it at a time.

  • @Sixwaychili Same! Got it as a freebie and froze it. Didn't even think about it until I was out. Came in very handy! Lol

  • Okay, maybe I will get a small order of kief cookies if you guys liked it so much... seems like the samples were helping people get to know and try them... maybe more of a market now. I'm a light weight with edibles so I always have them make several virgin cookies for me because I love the taste so much.

  • @MerlinsMagic Oh hell yeah, if you get some more of the chocolate chips or peanut butter cookies I will definitely buy multiple bags 👍🏼

    And that is funny about the virgin cookies! I would have to do the same honestly LOL

  • @MerlinsMagic Any chance of getting those same cookies back? I know you were on the fence about it.

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