Christmas break... Don't want to run out

Hello everyone. It's the holidays and I was thinking about my supply on hand (I usually try to order twice a month or so and get really anxious when I start running low). With Christmas and new yr holidays coming I want to make sure I have plenty for me and to share when able. I am going to plan on everything taking an extra week or so to arrive but not sure if it will be enough time.
That being said, are there any time-frames during the holidays that you won't be shipping?(i.e. some shippers won't be available or taking more than 2-3 days off?). I know y'all need a break once in a while as well and just trying to plan ahead so I don't have to go without once the postman stops running (I think they will only be have 3business days between Dec 22nd and Jan 3rd so I'm planning for a slowdown)


  • If I remember correctly last year, all the shippers stop around December 23 I believe and don't come back to business again until January 2. Again I could be mistaken.

  • I don't think everyone is taking as long of a break this year. We're not processing on Christmas Day for sure. There may be a day here or there depending on the shipper, if it's extended I'll make a post so everyone knows.

    The main thing to keep in mind is that the USPS isn't always great in slow months, come December and they can be positively painful. Giving yourself an extra week is highly recommended.


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