Slow labels

Anyone else waiting a week for a Merlin label? I realize Informed delivery has issues.


  • Of course, I shouldn’t be concerned but I didn’t get the email confirmation either.

  • Also, I ordered from Loud the following day, and it arrives today supposedly. Strange.

  • informed sucks right now i have two orders both took a week to show and didn't show untill they were in transit with next day delivery dates got love the holidays

  • Just problems of a weed junkie. This too will pass.

  • Yeah tracking issues going on as well but hopefully everyone's Xmas stuff moves smoothly and makes it on time but they always come thru

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    Yep. Ordered on Friday last week and nothing yet. Sometimes it doesn't show until the day before delivery. USPS is 💩

  • Lol. My ADD, OCD and ABC accentuate the problem.

  • Yeah I hear that and guess used my luck up on previous orders cause still washing for split from the 11th and 2 from sale coming as 3 but none located they are all just in transit floating thru universal void lol

  • Heard and feel that for sure. Still waiting on everything including split ordered the 11th prior to sale and both orders from late 13th and mid day 14th that coming as 3 but everything is just in transit with no location guess just floating in the universal void when should already showed up by now guess used all my luck up on previous order request 🤦‍♂️🤣🤷‍♂️ it'll touch down eventually just praying at least some it does by tomorrow getting down to nitty gritty

  • I can't say this is for every order, but the USPS is a little, tiny bit overloaded by the 9,000,000,000 packages being sent for the holidays and their scanning in for Informed Delivery is trashier than usual. If it hasn't been 10 days, hold tight. Been longer? Email me!

  • Weird sorry didn't mean to double post bout my shit and know everyone dealing with it currently but 1st post wasn't showing when I signed back in so made new post thought it just disappeared out something my B but yeah you can tell they're swamped at the moment and probably barely being sorted correctly nevermind actually scanning everything coming thru every time it does but I have faith it'll show just getting antsy and that's a me problem lol thought I had prepared better this year and still f'ed myself over lol appreciate ya @medboy and entire team

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